July 20, 2011

{Adventures in Baby-Wearing} Baby Carrier Reviews

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of "baby wearing". I had no clue I'd like it so much, but it was something I enjoyed, and I really miss it now that my wittle bitty baby isn't so wittle bitty anymore. As you can see from the collage of pictures, I wore Manny a lot. Because let's face it, he's the perfect accessory. Well that, and the fact that it makes it so much easier to get stuff done. And by stuff, I mean shopping or eating. But I digress. Bottom line is, I think baby wearing is a great thing...as long as you have the right carrier, that is.

This was one of those posts that got lost in the shuffle. I started it when Manny was a couple of months old, planning to share the different carriers I'd tried. I never finished it up, but decided to go ahead and do so in case anyone else is in the process of looking for the perfect carrier. As with my monthly must-haves, this is not a paid review...just sharing my 2 cents in hopes that it might help another first-time mom. :) So here's a run-down on the carriers I've tried. 

I was given the Moby Wrap as a shower gift. The huge ol' hunk of fabric overwhelmed me at first, but after a few hundred YouTube videos, I got the hang of it. I love that you can wear it so many different ways, and change the hold to fit with your baby's size/age. My main issue with the Moby was putting it on in public. There was no possible way (for me anyway) that I could keep it from touching the ground while I was tying it on, and that just bothered me. It's still a great carrier though and gives good back support.

This was also a baby shower gift, and I liked it okay. It hurt my back much worse than the Moby. I also had to wait until Manny was a little bigger before he looked comfortable in it. If you want a "shaped" carrier, I think there are much better ones than on the market...I just never tried any others because I preferred the cloth carriers.

And then I met the K'Tan. Sweet victory at last. I heard about it thanks to my Twitter friends, and I am so thankful to the several of you who mentioned it to me! Hands down my favorite carrier by far. Think of it as the Moby, but without the fuss. It's basically two loops so no tying is involved, other than an optional support band, which I always used for added security. (Just a simple knot does it though.) You can also wear it several different ways, and it's so easy to re-position the holds. 

We purchased this one because we thought it'd be easier for Patrick to wear, and it also showed a hip hold. But let me just tell you...we both hated this one...maybe used it twice. It felt like having a sack of bricks dangling from your shoulders. And after wearing it for even 15 minutes? Holy back pain, Batman! Definitely not a winner in my book.

I got a coupon code for a free Seven Sling, so I decided to give it a try. But wow, that was a waste of $6 bucks to even have it shipped. The sizing guide was way off, and even if it had been right, I'm not sure it ever would have felt secure. I know the one time I did wear it, it was a major strain on my back.

Well there you have it. My adventures in baby wearing. So tell me, are you a baby wearer? What have you tried and liked, or disliked? There are SO many carriers on the market that I always love to hear other's feedback!


  1. I used a sling once and then returned it because I was worried that Carter couldn't breathe all squished up. I then used the Baby Bjorn until C was so big I couldn't wear it without being in too much pain. Afterward we moved onto the Moby and I still pull it out every once and a while when baby is feeling needy and I need use of my hands! When he was an itty bitty I used to wrap him up in the Moby so he could nap against me.

  2. I'm so glad you recommended the K-Tan to me this past spring so that I could order it for our little one (that'll be here any day now) I can't wait to see her in it! I've practiced using it a couple of times just to get the hang of it and I think it'll be super simple (expecially when I use it on a real baby instead of my husbands shoe).

  3. I also, love, love, love the ktan!!

  4. I love, love, LOVE the Ergo! I even used it when the girl's I nanny were 20+ lbs. and it was awesome. No back pain, and it really didn't even feel like I was wearing them.

  5. Oh my word, I agree with you about the Seven Sling. WAY OFF on the sizing and that thing was just a piece of Walmart material wrapped in a circle. I could hardly even hold my tiny baby in it for more than 5 minutes without searing pain. AWFUL. I love your other ideas though for when we need one for a future #2! Thanks :)

  6. I've never posted on your blog, but just want you to know I love all your creativeness and fun posts! I loved my moby when my daughter was small but also when they are little bigger loved my mei tei baby carrier! I may have to try the baby k'tan for my new little one due in September!

  7. you know, i have never 'worn' either jacob or levi as babies. i just didn't for some reason... i just pushed a stroller. :)

    i think you and manny look great together :)

  8. I tried one of those ring slings, and hated it! I always felt like Cooper was going to fall out! I had a Sleepy Wrap, same as Moby, and I love it! But yeah, it dragged on the ground when I put it on. I definitely want to try the K'tan next time!

  9. I started with the moby, and like you thought it was just a little too complicated.

    Right now we use the hotsling. I have two of them and just love how easy they are to use. But last I heard, the company had gone out of business :(

  10. I LOVE my Sakura Bloom Ring Sling! A-MAZING!

  11. Great post! I should wear Evie more.. lugging that car seat around is juuuust about over for me. I made my own Moby wrap with jersey fabric and it was a Godsend when Evie was tiny! I remember walking around the house with her in it just amazed that I had two hands to actually DO something with! I've heard great things about the K'tan and might try that for any others we have, since I only spent like $7 on my homemade wrap. :) I also like the Bjorn and actually have used that Seven Sling quite a bit, but my baby still only weighs like 16lbs, so I know she's pretty light!

  12. HA! I just ordered that exact "seven sling" that you have shown. I knew I wanted to get a sling and I knew this one probably wouldn't be great but for just $7 it was worth a shot. I've tried it on and can't imagine it feeling secure with a baby in it...we'll see. I would love a more expensive ring sling but just don't want to pay the money. We are registered for a moby wrap...hopefully we'll like that!

  13. You have to get the ERGO! The best carrier by far. I have a huge pile of slings and carriers and the ERGO replaced them all!

  14. I am glad that you recommended the Ktan, I want the option of a sling type wrap sometimes when my chicks are little, and if I get the chance to have a little one again. With my last babe I got an Ergo and loved it, but like I said once in a while to have a good sling would have been nice, like for around the house. :) But I couldn't beat Ergo on the go. It was just fabulous!

  15. I have a few carriers, and I love them all for different reasons.

    I used the Sleepy Wrap ever day when he was wee. These days he's either in the Ergo or a ring sling. I LOVE our ring sling (a Sakura Bloom linen one). It's so easy to put on and off and it rolls up and stuffs in the diaper bag really well. Perfect for errands.

  16. I love wearing my lil guy! I had a sleepy wrap (like a moby) when he was newborn (to about 15 lbs) and a trick I learned was to tie it on at home really snug-fitting and then just slip him in when I got where I was going. Now I mostly use my woven wrap and don't care too much about the tails dragging, but I do partially pre-tie before heading out. I also use a Mei Tai and a ring sling for quicker trips. I never could get the hang of a pouch sling I borrowed.. you really have to get the exact right size for them to feel right. My little one is 6 months now, so it's high time I master the back wrap with the woven!

  17. This is a great review! Just saw a link to it on the k'tan facebook page...

    I have tried:

    Moby - same thing as you said... too complicated (if you have to watch more than 1 video -- its not "helping" you like a product like this should) and the whole thing touching the ground totally bothered me as well! I went to an expo where there was a woman doing demos so I participated and even then it seemed like getting it right was a two person job.

    K'tan - Awesome... I love it BUT I'm still getting used to it -- only washed it once so far and wore it about 4 times and it seems really tight? I made sure I got proper sizing from talking to the staff, I really hope it stretches out a little because I feel like I'm smooshing my 6 month old. Great so far for getting housework done while wearing!

    Seven sling - Loved the pattern but that thing was a piece of junk! As you said not even worth the shipping we paid. Sizing was a joke. My daughter HATED it. Thank god they were free but it was my eye opener to baby wearing so I do thank them for that!

    Maya Wrap - Ring Sling - by far my FAVORITE so far for ease of use and nursing while wearing. I can literally set up my DD in this and shop while nursing discreetly and comfortably. People don't even know what's going on and she's a wild little 6month old but she loves it! She falls asleep in there every time and its very light and breathable fabric.

    I did try a few of the "shaped" carriers that were given to me as gifts and I don't remember which brands I got because they were so awful that I never bothered with them and gave them away. I am with you on the cloth ones, much more versatile and comfortable!

    thanks for the review!! :D

  18. we had a moby,hated it! won a sleepy wrap and gave it to my SIL along with the moby. won a baby bjorn comfort carrier and we love it,our 4 month old doesn't unless constantly moving. just received a ergobaby performance from another contest today and haven't opened it yet but always wanted one! hopefully we like this one

  19. Yes I am. My all time favorite is the Boba!! LOVE IT!!!

  20. I'm so glad I found this post before purchasing anything. I keep getting coupons for Seven Slings....but just couldn't commit. Glad I haven't. It looks like it might be painful on the back....and I tend to have back pain regardless of carrying any extra weight lol.

  21. Great list! I wish I would have had it when I started trying things out. I did have a Moby with my last baby, but if I have another I'll have to try out the K'Tan.


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