July 11, 2011

Climbing Video & Project 365: Week 27

Manny is SO into climbing right now. He loves to climb into chairs or on top of anything he can. However, he's not so great at getting down. He'll sit there for a little bit, but then when he wants down he starts complaining. This morning he kept getting into his little chairs that he normally can get out of by himself, but would whine wanting me to help him out. I told him he needed to figure it out, and tried to teach him how to get out again. A little while later, I was in the laundry room when I heard him start complaining. I didn't rush out to the living room because I figured he probably was just in one of his chairs again. Much to my surprise, when I walked into the living room he was STANDING on his table. I about fainted! He crouched down, and of course I had to grab my phone to document this to send to daddy. Needless to say, the table has been moved outside now, where it's supposed to be anyway. I'm so glad he didn't decide to leap off there! And yes, I know the time is probably coming when he will. :)

July 2 - Manny had his parade debut with my sister Jenny!
July 3 - I know Manny's getting taller, but I didn't realize his little hands could reach the vanity where I had my make-up at my parents house! I turned around from brushing my teeth and his feet were covered in lipstick. AND he managed to take a BITE of it too...swallowed whole. Yep, it came out whole too. You're welcome for that info.
July 4 - This is Mr. Grumpy Pants favorite look before he throws a fit. A little pre-game pouting, if you will.
July 5 -And THIS is his new favorite look...some puppy-dog eyes begging action. It melts my heart every time! And I'm pretty sure he knows it. :)
July 6 - We have a chiminea on our front veranda, and anytime we go outside he makes his way to the front of the house, straight to that thing. He's obsessed!
July 7 - We went up to my parents for the weekend, and I took this picture of my niece Gabi playing with Manny. He loves her SO much! :)
July 8 - I mentioned how he likes to get in chairs but won't get down. Well this is a chair at my parent's house that he sat in forever until someone got him out. He thought he was pretty cool most of the time though! It's in the kitchen so he just sat there and watched my dad cooking breakfast and was pretty pleased with himself. :)

Gosh this kid is fun. :) Have a great week!


  1. Loved the video!!!! That is exactly what Cannon does too - climbs on everything - drives me insane and scares me to death! He is just so cute :)

  2. SO CUTE :) And cute Parade Debut :)

  3. LOVE your pictures! Manny is getting so big!

  4. He is getting soooooo big! Love all your pictures!

  5. I can't believe how big and grown up he looks these days....he is too cute! He looked like a little pro in his parade debut ;-) You are such a great photographer!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Manny's adorable!! Great pictures, btw. You really do capture the sweetest moments...

    Do you use photoshop on most of your pictures? I've been dabling into photoshop lately to try to get that vintage feel, but can't seem to achieve the look I'm going for...

  7. He sounds like my nephew. Get ready because it just gets worse. Logan has a little battery operated 4 Wheeler with hand controls, he stands on the seat while holding the handles & rides. I thought his mom was going to have a heart attack.

  8. He is a M-E-S-S: MESS! Haha! I LOVED the video! I can't wait until we can understand what he is saying because he was giving some big story about his climb, for sure!

  9. This video is hilarious!! I love his babble. Also? It makes me SUPER nervous to have a fully mobile kid!

  10. Looks like a great week. So adorable!! Manny is getting sooo big.


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