July 18, 2011

Project 365: Week 28

July 9 - I've mentioned before that my parents have an outdoor amphitheater. I tried to take some pictures the other night, but it was h-a-r-d. Nighttime photography is no joke. This is my mom singing a song before the show started though...she's so talented!
July 10 - And this is my parents with almost all of their grandkids! (My nephew Jax wasn't there.) We thought it'd be fun to have a picture of them all dressed up together. My mom actually isn't in it; she directs it but we made her put on a costume too. :)
July 11 - I posted about Manny's climbing adventures here. I snapped this picture real quick before I took the video of him.
July 12 - His climbing adventure this day consisted of raising the seat on his car, and stepping into it. You notice how his little hand is reaching down to the steering wheel? He kept pressing the horn, then dancing to the music...which is the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That song haunts me in my sleep. I hear it no less than 30 times a day. No less. And no, there's no off switch. I've checked, trust me. :)
July 13 - We met Patrick for a quick lunch date. We have finally found a sippy cup that Manny will drink out of consistently...but only water. He will not drink milk out of it. We decided to try that day at lunch, but no luck. He took a big slurp, then immediately spit it out. This kid is something else.
July 14 - I talked about our swim lessons here, but had to share this picture again because it makes me laugh. Manny hated being on his back. Sometimes he would float around, but the majority of the time he'd be in the crunch position like this, or arching his back in a nearly perfect back-bend, trying to break free from this torture. Oh the drama.
July 15 - We headed to Austin for a long weekend to visit Patrick's brother & his family before they head back to Ecuador. We had a lot of fun, and I love this picture of Pat & Manny at Chuy's. They are so precious together.

Have a great week! :)


  1. an outdoor ampitheater...what fun! Love the spitting milk out, at least he likes water =)

  2. That amphitheater looks beautiful!

    I can't find a sippy cup that Maycee will drink milk out of either! She drinks juice and water out of one kind but won't take milk out of any. =( So stubborn!

  3. Emery wouldn't drink milk either at first, but she loves strawberry so I would put strawberry syrup in it, and she LOVED it. Every day I would just put less and less in there, and now she drinks milk without any syrup...just a thought! And the ampitheatre is so cool!!


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