October 26, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

--Remember my sweet niece Laci I told you about here? Well she is getting a cochlear implant in her other ear today (she got the first one implanted last November). In fact, she is in surgery as we speak. She is having the surgery in OKC, so they stayed with us last night and she was so nervous, bless her heart. She is always a tough little cookie, so it broke my heart to see her scared. My brother sent me this picture of her this morning before she went back for surgery. He said she was making jokes while waiting to go back...such a brave little thing. Please keep her in your prayers that the surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery and adjustment to the implant. Thank you!

--Have I mentioned life is crazy now? Because it is. Partially because of this little guy (who I'm pretty sure is growling at me in this picture). Is it normal for the terrible two's to start at 17 months? I have seen some fits this week that scare me at what's to come. Maybe I should start reading some parenting books because I am overwhelmed lately. But he's SO stinking cute and also a lot of fun at the same time! He's just full of sass...wonder where he gets that from?? :)

--I have SO much I want & need to blog about. I hate falling behind like this. But honestly? I just have no desire to be on the computer right now. I'm hoping this passes so I can catch up on blogging and emails...but right now? I'm just not feeling it.

--I haven't crafted in forever and desperately miss it!! I'd really like to have some kind of craft party and get a group of girls together to craft. So fun! Anyone done that? If so, how was it organized?
-- Here is Manny's first school picture. Isn't it funny?! It's actually a picture of the picture I took with my phone because our scanner is on the fritz. He looks so grown up here.

--Has anybody with the iPhone 4G updated to ios 5? I hear everyone saying I should...but I'm scared. I've heard horror stories of it crashing people's phones, plus when I updated my 3G to ios 4 my phone was basically ruined. So if you've updated, I'd love to hear about it...including what's different about ios 5 and if it's worth updating?

-- Patrick and I left Manny with a (non-family) sitter the other night for the first time. He absolutely loved her and did great! I'm so thankful we've found someone he is comfortable with. We went to a reception they had for the new doctor's and it was so nice to get out for a bit just us. This is a horrible picture (and also a picture of a picture from my phone) of both of us...neither of us were quite ready for it as you can tell by our random pose, but it's proof we actually went somewhere without Manny. Ha! :)

Well I am keeping my niece Lani and nephew Jax while Laci is in surgery, so now we are going to get ready to head to the hospital to see her as she should be out in an hour or so. Happy Wednesday friends! :)


  1. Just said a prayer for Laci, hope everything goes smoothly! Cooper has definitely started the terrible twos. He throws awful fits. Oh, he has also started biting at daycare, so that's awesome. Not. I guess at least it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this crazy boy toddlerhood time! I was not prepared for this from my sweet-as-pie angel baby. I am paying for his good behavior as a newborn!!

    A crafting group sounds so fun! What a great idea! Hope you're feeling well!

  2. Cute pics! Sending prayers for your precious niece.

    I did the update & I think it's worth it. I made sure to back it up first & aside from a couple of my apps not being there everything was fine & that was no big deal because it was just a couple. I like that the texting feature shows you when the person you sent a text to is in the process of responding. The main thing I like is that you can make a list for certain places & using the location feature it will alert you when you get to that store that you have a list.

  3. Prayers for your niece. She will have a smooth, successful surgery!

    I've been a blogging slacker lately....I don't want to sit and put it all in detail for some reason either. Here's hoping "it" (whatever "it" is) passes for both of us, so we can get back into the blog routine! :)

  4. It is totally normal for the fits to start at that age. I highly recommend the "Love and Logic" book/cd. There is a book and cd specifically for toddlers. We started using it for my son a couple of months ago and have been very pleased. Graesen responds to it more than the other types of discipline we have tried, and it encourages the parents to stay super calm. Because we are staying calm now it makes disciplining our son less frustrating.

  5. Love you friend!!!! You are just beautiful!!! Love you in blue!

  6. I'm so glad you updated about Laci - I think about her all the time after you started doing updates on her status last year. I'll be praying for her today!!!

    It's funny you mentioned a craft club because I *just* started one! I posted about it here: http://queseraaasera.blogspot.com/2011/10/craft-club.html

    but basically we each take turn acting as hostess. The hostess gets to choose the craft, buys all the supplies and then the guests bring food and $5/10 to cover supplies. It is SO fun!!!

    You look gorg in that last pic - I'm really loving the new 'do so much!!

  7. Manny does look so big! Praying for Laci that she has a swift and smooth recovery. I'm totally with you on the iPhone thing - everyone's trying to convince me to upgrade but as of now, I'm too scared to!

  8. Praying for Laci and hope that her surgery went perfectly!

  9. Pretty sure Cilla's terrible twos started around that same age. The it got a little better then got really bad about three or four months after she turned two. Wish I had better news for you...but I don't! I will say that I have learned that it goes in cycles. They go through rough times then they get better...or maybe we just adjust. Cute picture of you and Patrick! Praying for Laci.

  10. Prayers for your sweet Neice.

    I can't get over how grown M looks!! So cute! Hope you had a lovely time with your DH! Y'all look great.

  11. Praying for sweet Laci! She sure is a cutie!

    Blue is totally your color! You look SO great! Glowing, indeed!!

    Hope you are well! Thinking and praying for you and the little bambino!

  12. Prayers for your Niece Laci.

    And two of my kids started their terrible two's around 17-18 months.

    Good Luck!!!

  13. Wish I could come to a craft party!! That sounds like fun. I may have to do one here.

  14. So cute. I love his school photo. Hopefully the surgery went well. I upgraded my iphone to 5. I like it. I just made sure my phone was backed up first. There are some really cool things. I haven't had it for long though.

  15. I did the upgrade to 5 and I love the program - but double check that ALL your apps back up - two of mine didn't and I lost all the data in the apps.


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