November 29, 2011

Gender Reveal Party {Baby Martin 2.0}

Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments about our little baby girl!! We are absolutely thrilled and I think still in shock that it's a girl. I wanted to share the details from the gender reveal party as it was such a special time! Though I'm not sure I would call this so much a "party" as we just had our reveal before eating Thanksgiving meal. Either way, it was loads of fun and I'm so glad we waited to find out with our family - though the suspense nearly killed me at the end!
As I mentioned in this post, we had an ultrasound done on Monday, but the results were sealed. I bought a stuffed animal and made a little brother and little sister onesie using my Cricut. I planned to take all of this to a family friend to have her wrap up the surprise for us.
I enlisted the help of my best friend's mom, Miss Sherrrrriii! (She taught my nephew's Sunday School class and he always called her that...then it stuck with the rest of us -- I'm sure much to her delight.) Anyway, she did the honors of looking in the envelope and fixing up our stuffed animal and wrapping it. Of course she went above and beyond, adding a little pink poofy bow to the stuffed animal as well as mixing up blue and pink layers of tissue paper in the box to keep us guessing. :) You are awesome Miss Sherri...thanks SO much for doing this for us...we love you bunches!! :)
Then I added this chalkboard piece I cut with my Cricut so everyone could make a guess on the gender. (Thanks to Shannon for the idea!) As you can see, the girl votes definitely dominated...unlike Manny's Gender Reveal Party! I guess we have a pretty intuitive bunch. :)
I also cut some lips and mustaches with my Cricut so people could show their guess that way. And yes, I did switch to girl at the last minute. I decided to switch based on all of the old wives tales saying it would be a girl because of my symptoms, and it was right!
Patrick stayed strong with his boy guess though, even though he says he knew deep inside it'd be a girl. :) My niece Lani's expression cracks me up in this picture!!
 I even let Manny guess by having him grab the tulle on the package. He guessed girl! :)
Then the moment of truth came! Manny didn't want to participate as much I'd hoped, but what can you expect from an 18 month old? He did sit on my lap but he didn't really want to open the box...he was a good sport though as I know it was pretty overwhelming with all of us talking and screaming. We're not exactly a quiet bunch. :) It took a minute to register when I saw the onesie said little sister...I was so excited I was shaking! I think all of this is just still like a dream to me....such a blessing!
This picture makes me laugh SO hard. This would be Patrick digging through the box after I opened it...I'm not sure if he was looking for something that said, "just kidding!" or what...he was definitely in shock and asked to see the ultrasound pics so he could verify it really was a girl. He is very excited, but coming from a family of 4 boys he's a little nervous about having a daughter. I know he'll be an amazing daddy to her though!

And finally I have to share the video my niece Gabi took of us opening the package. I LOVE this video because it's just chaos and you can hear everyone talking at once. My Aunt Babs was visiting from Wisconsin and her commentary cracks me up!! This was definitely a special time and I'm so thankful that we were able to do this as a family. :) I will always treasure this video!
Though the ultrasound tech said she was very certain it's a girl, I'll probably wait until my official ultrasound next week to confirm it's a girl before I buy anything. :)


  1. Annnd, I'm crying. LOL, I don't even know why! I'm so happy for you guys!!

  2. Perfect! You have the best ideas for these parties, I love it! Seriously can't wait to see your sweet little GIRL!!!!!!

  3. YAY! I'm so excited for you! Loved the way it was revealed!!

  4. Congrats! and as always I love your idea for the reveal!

  5. Wow!! That's awesome!! What a wonderful surprise...thanks for sharing that special moment with us!! Congrats again!

  6. I didn't get to comment on the other post because I was on my phone but wanted to say CONGRATS!!! She is going to be such a blessed little girl :))

  7. That video is so special! How fun to have captured your reactions and get to share it with everyone :) What a nice surprise!! YAY Team Pink!

  8. Oh wow! Congratulations!! One of my friends is pregnant with a boy, too. She is due in May. Your new baby girl will be so happy to be in a blessed family!!

  9. I absolutely love this! SO precious. I am so beyond excited for you, sweet Sarah. That precious little girl is going to be so loved and SO blessed. Can't wait to follow along with this new adventure in your life :)

  10. Oh, this post made me smile!! I love it! So excited for you & your sweet little family!

    And, ahem...Katie is a fabulous girl name. :]

  11. I so just teared up over that video! I'm just so excited for ya'll!!

  12. How fun and congratulations!!

    We just did this in October and it was a lot of fun! We're having a girl as well after having a boy! So excited!

  13. i have tears, such a special moment. thanks for sharing with us :)

  14. Sarah!

    I am so excited for you!! What a wonderful way to find out. Congrats my dear!!

  15. Congrats! What a wonderful way to share you news with family!

  16. love this!
    what a sweet, sweet video!!
    and i am definitely thinking i need a cricut. so if you were trying to send me subliminal messages during this totally worked. :)

  17. Congrats! A girl will fit nicely into your sweet family! So precious!

  18. Oh Sarah,
    Tickled to death for all of you! And I was hoping with fingers crossed for a selfish reason! My daughter is due in February with a girl and I KNEW that you would have adorable ideas for outfits, bows, a nursery, etc that this Grandma can read about and share! I love all your cute creative ideas....teacher to teacher!
    So happy for you!

  19. Congratulations Sarah! What a fun day for your family. I am so thrilled you are having a little girl, girls are so much fun and I don't know what I would do without mine. She is such a blessing!!!

  20. Congrats on your baby girl!!! They are so much fun.
    I love how you did the reveal. What a special memory for your whole family!

  21. It looks like y'all had so much fun!! I can't wait to see how you do her nursery!

  22. What a wonderful way to do the gender reveal! Congrats!!!

    - New follower here!


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