December 22, 2011

Project 365 Question & Week 50

Well in case you happened to miss the fact that I have been clogging up your readers/inbox, I am finally caught up on Project 365! I know those were some long, rambling posts, and I hate that I got that far behind BUT I am determined to finish it so I'm glad I took the time to catch up.

Which brings me to my next question. I'm debating on how/if I should do Project 365 next year. I absolutely love being able to look back at our weeks, and seeing how much Manny has changed, so I'm almost positive I'm going to continue doing it. The question is how I want to do it. I could continue using this template, or I've seen a few other fun ones out there so I'm just not sure. If you're a Project 365er, I'd love to hear what you do or are planning to do in 2012.

December 10 - We were getting ready to leave the house to go look at Christmas lights and I was trying to take a picture with Manny. But all he wanted to do was pout...surprise!! :)
December 11 - Ashley posted about some gel clings she got for her daughter to play with, and I thought it was a great idea so I picked some up at Wal-Mart. Best $2 I ever spent! He stood at that door for like 30 minutes playing with them.
December 12 - I finally had Patrick get a few more tubs of Christmas decorations down, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as Manny saw them he had to climb on top of them.
December 13 - Along the same note, turns out Manny can climb up on our table now! He's been trying to climb in the chairs for awhile, but it's a high-top so he's never had much success. Well that's all over with, as I discovered him perched on the table surveying the bowl of ornaments when I walked in the kitchen. As soon as I started walking towards him to get him down, he started throwing the ornaments at a rapid-fire pace. Thank goodness for shatterproof!
December 14 - We had to pick up a few things at Lowe's, and I was so thankful for the cool carts to keep Manny entertained.
December 15 - It was a good mail day today. We got lots of Christmas cards, and Manny's Christmas pj's from SheShe Made arrived...I absolutely love them!!
December 16 - Manny was so grumpy, but refused to take a nap today. I tried a couple of different times with no luck. I knew I needed to get to the grocery store, so after realizing a nap wasn't going to happen we loaded up. Wouldn't you know as soon as I pulled in the parking lot, I looked back to see this. Gotta love it.


  1. Hi Sarah, I personally loved your project 365! I am highly considering doing this in 2012 since it turned out so great. It's a wonderful way of capturing what is going on in your life in one big summary! I did something similiar lately just to get caught up on our Fall, I had been so behind on blogging too, I thought a summary would be a perfect way to capture October and November family activities. I will probably use something similar using collages. They are easy to use and I basically love everything about Picnik.
    BTW, we got Fall gel cling on's in our Boo package and Jillian loved them!!!! I know they sell them at Target, I saw Christmas ones the other day and wish I would have grabbed them. The Fall ones eventually all made it into the garbage since they got a bit fuzzy after awhile from Jillian playing with them so much.

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!!


  2. I loved your Project 365 and wish I would have done the same! I definitely want to play along next year (gulp) so be sure to share some fun template ideas!

    I think it would make a great book once the year is complete.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. From your 365 I want to attempt it for 2012 and actually did a trial run for this month to see if I could hang with you 365ers. I was running it through my head and it seems like picknik would be the quickest way to do it. Did you upgrade to get the templates you use?
    I'm thinkin' that attempting it in photoshop would be too time consuming... unless I came up with one template for every post. But then again I'm on the fence about that idea. I really want to take the post and make quick pages out of it to print in a photo album for the Grands next Christmas. So I may research a little more before my final decision.
    Glad you posted this to see what other ideas are out there. What other ideas have you seen? Would love to see them.
    Merry Christmas!
    Jenny H

  4. Hi Sarah
    I love your project 365 post and your templet. I am really wanting to start it for next year. Please share your templet:)
    Ps I think this is the first time I have commented but have been a long time reader

  5. I hace decided to start 365 in 2012, I am hoping to keep up! I guess I will try Picnic? Let me know if you find any awesome *free* templates :)

  6. Hey girl! Shauna at Styleberry does a version of this called Project 52. She does one pic per week rather than every day, and has an overall theme for the year and a word and blurb for each week. She's a photog, so her pics/ideas are planned out. I'm really thinking of doing a version of hers, since once per week is way more doable for me than every day! Anyway she just did a recap and made me think of you! Hope this right link, I'm on my phone!


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