December 19, 2011

Santa Visit & a Sleigh Ride

Last weekend, we decided to go check out the Christmas lights at a local park. It's a big drive-thru display, but we chose to go all out and take a carriage ride through the park instead. It was a little cold, but not bad at all since we were dressed for the occasion and also bundled up in blankets. :)
Manny was pretty quiet, but loved it and kept pointing at all the lights. I tried to take a few pictures of the lights, but with the bouncing of the carriage none of them turned out. But it was a great time and a fun memory for sure!
Then last Wednesday, we took Manny to see Santa. I just knew it would be a meltdown, and I was so excited for it. Ha! Does that officially make me a bad mom? All I mean by that is I love the crying pictures...they always make me laugh. Unfortunately Patrick fouled things up and tried really hard to keep Manny calm...and was pretty successful at it. Here is Manny looking at Santa while we were standing in line. You'll notice he was playing with his belly button, which is a major comfort thing for him. You can tell he was a little concerned at this point.
And when it was time to meet Santa, Patrick helped Manny get settled before he walked off. He didn't scream or throw a fit, just kind of whined. And this picture just makes me so sad. You can tell he's trying to be brave...I love it. :) Much different than our Santa pic last year where he wouldn't stop staring at Santa.
And I had to share this picture just because I came across it when looking for last year's Santa pic, and it just makes me laugh. Silly boy. :)
I can't believe Christmas is in less than a week! I need to get in gear and finish my shopping.


  1. Aw! What a brave little guy! He is adorable.

  2. He is so adorable!! And can Eli and Manny have a play date and wear their matching shirts???

  3. The carriage ride sounds so fun! They don't have anything like that around here. I LOVE Manny's pic from last year. That is so funny! This year's is cute too though. My nephew had the screaming meltdown pic last year when he was 18 mos. It's hilarious!! This year he did good.

  4. Could he be any cuter? What a brave little man :) And what a fun idea to go for a carriage ride!! Time to google for one near us ;)

  5. I think Manny should have been much more scared of the that big ole reindeer in the background. Definetely not Rudoulph!!

  6. Your hair? Always is PERFECT!! Is it thick? What curling iron do you use? Hairspray? Heeeeeelp a sista out!

  7. Carriage ride to see Christmas lights?!?!! That sounds so fun & festive!!!

  8. He does look so brave! And that last picture of him cracks me up :)
    BTW I love your scarf!

  9. Aww sweet Manny being brave! Cooper was like velcro when we took him to see Santa. We had to take a group pic because I couldn't even get him off of me for a crying pic! Ha! How are our boys so big?! Is Manny wearing Merrils in his santa pic? I like whatever shoes he is wearing.


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