February 22, 2012

Rocking the Fedora & Gymnastics Fun

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this seersucker fedora at Children's Place and fell in love with it. I knew in reality, I'd be lucky to get Manny to keep it on for at least 2 seconds while I snapped a picture. And, I was right. He'd have NOTHING to do with it. But then one day last week, I was wearing a hat and he ran into his room, and came back out with the fedora on. And ever since, he wants to wear it all the time. I took these pictures before he left for school yesterday morning. I love the picture of his surprised face - such a ham!
He always wants to wear it in the car. We were in Children's Place again the other day, and he picked this fedora out too.
Nevermind the fact that half of the time he wears it wrong. I think he kind of looks like Gilligan in these pictures.
This was before we left for church Sunday monring. And yes, he wore his hat the whole time at church. He may or may not have loved the attention.
When I picked him up from school yesterday, he immediately put his hat and sunglasses on. He definitely appreciates his accessories.
My best friend has recently moved back to Oklahoma, which I'm BEYOND excited about!! She and her daughter came over yesterday to hang out and play. After the kiddos took a bath together (and you can imagine what Manny did in the bath - shame on him!) they were watching animal songs on the iPad. Naturally Manny had to put on his fedora. Don't you wear a fedora with your pj's? He is such a mess, and the only thing better than watching your kid throw a fit, is watching him throw a fit while wearing a fedora. Never a dull moment here!
Today we started gymnastics! Do not ask what possessed me to start a mommy & me gymnastics class at nearly 30 weeks pregnant. (I've already been asked that a dozen times today.) But really, it came down to the fact that I thought it'd be something fun for us to get out and do. It's a pay as you go place and very reasonably priced, so it will work well for us since you don't have to enroll for a whole semester at a time or anything. It was a lot of fun, but it absolutely wore me out chasing him around. He loved it.
He was so excited that I couldn't stop laughing at him. He kept cheesing at all the kids. He would just stand there and stare at them like this while smiling the whole time. I felt like he should be saying "I like to smile, smiling's my favorite!" a la Buddy the Elf. 

Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. So cute!!! We have that exact turquoise fedora from TCP! They have some cute stuff right now! I love hearing how much Manny likes his class!

  2. How fun! We just started a gymnastics class too! They are at the perfect age for it!

  3. I took Hays to gymnastics class last week. I agree, it is NOT for a 34 week pregnant girl. My whole body hurt that night (Sad, since I still go to the gym!)
    But the nap afterward was amazing!
    Manny sure looks handsome in his fedora!

  4. Aw, such a cute hat!!!!! Do u make stationery??? I would love to have some like your daughter's.....adorbs!!!!!!!!

  5. We did a free Gymboree class and at 27 weeks pregnant I'm glad I didn't sign us up for the real deal, yet. We had to roll around, lift the kids, etc. etc.

  6. So cute! I am a new follower...I wish my son would wear a hat. That's precious! ;)

  7. He is the cutest Gilligan ever! I love the gymnastics idea. I have been wanting to try out Little Gym, but for some reason Lee is really against it? He thinks it's for girls? He's weird about it. Anyway, seeing how much Manny loved it makes me want to bring it up again!

  8. I LOOOOOOOVE his little fedora! He seriously couldn't be any cuter!!


  9. He rocks that fedora well! His big cheese smile made my day -- that is just hilarious!!

  10. Little boys in hats are the cutest! The hard part is getting them to keep it on heads.

    What a handsome little guy in his fedora.

  11. Loving the hat!! Adorable. What gym is it?? We did the free session at Little Gym but they are pricey and you have to enroll. I'd love to find somewhere to pay as you go!


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