March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

--Thanks for all of the sweet sweet comments on my 32 week pictures! Y'all really know how to make a girl feel good. :) I will say though that it was extremely flattering light or something...because I definitely look much bigger than those pictures seemed to depict. But I'll take what I can get at this point. :) Also, thanks for the encouraging words and prayers about my blood pressure. When we checked it this week, it had gone down so I am thrilled! Now to keep it down and we'll be good to go. 
--My sweet blog friend Lauren sent Maeva her first Matilda Jane! I have long been a fan of Matilda Jane since I saw my friend April's daughter wearing an adorable dress from their line years ago. And now I can't believe the day is here that I get to dress my daughter in some Matilda Jane of her very own! If you'd like to order some Matilda Jane cuteness, you can contact Lauren for more info.
--I got a few questions about the chalkboard frame I used in my pictures the other day. It is an 8x10 unfinished frame that I purchased from Cut It Out for only $12.99. The price is great and they have lots of fun shapes and sizes! Shipping is a bit high but that's understandable since it's somewhat large and bulky. I ordered two frames and I think the shipping was around $13? They don't come with glass, so I went to Dollar Tree and bought an 8x10 frame and used the glass insert for this frame. I painted the frame with regular paint, and the glass with chalkboard paint. It's a fun little piece and I'm thinking I need to order a few more for Maeva's nursery. 
--The other night I went to a fund-raising event that we were invited to through Patrick's work. Notice I said I went to it. Unfortunately not too long before it was time to go, Patrick had a patient come in laboring so he wasn't able to attend with me. I considered not going, but am so glad I did. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a sweet blog friend, Raegan. I always love to connect with other bloggers "in real life" so it was such a fun surprise when she came and said hi to me! We were so busy chatting that I failed to get a picture of us together. In fact, the only picture I have from the whole night is of me and my little buddy before I left the house. And yes, the fedora is still a favorite of his. :)
--I've mentioned my blog book before, and it is past time for me to get another one printed. I'd like to do so before Maeva is born...because who knows what will happen at that point. :) Anyway, I got an email from Blurb the other day (who I used to print my last book) that had a 25% off code so I was going to order another book. BUT when I read the fine print, it was 25% off a minimum order of $150. get the book to cost $150, it would need to be like 500 pages. Not exactly going to work for me. SO I say all that to say this: if you've come across any (better) Blurb deals, or see any kind of Groupon, etc. for them, I'd love to hear about it!

I have a baby shower tomorrow, and I'm SO excited to spend some time with family and friends! Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. LOVE the chalkboard!

    Oh...and by the way....I took my Pots of Gold to school today and they were a HIT! I used your printables too!!!! THANK YOU for the wonderful idea!!!!

  2. super cute outfit! I love the funky shapes frames. I may need to order some for the girls room.

  3. I love the little bubble! I actually added a similar to my etsy favorites and thought it would make a great gift for someone with a little girl:

  4. A baby shower how fun!! Enjoy!!

  5. That Matilda Jane stuff is SO stinking cute! Cant believe it's already time for a baby shower! Can you believe your precious little girl will be in your arms in a matter of weeks??? :-))

  6. Love that you share all of your great finds!!!! So excited about those frames! Been wanting an organic bloom frame forever!

  7. Love love the frame! I want to get some sooo bad! Hope you hv a great time at your shower:)

  8. I love Matilda Jane! My daughter has a couple dresses! The frames are super cute too!!!! I mentioned you over at my blog today! =)


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