March 1, 2012

Maeva's Closet

Okay. I'm here to confess it's starting to get a little out of control. I never should have bragged that I hadn't bought much for Maeva. Because ever since? Irrestible baby girl things have been popping up in my face everywhere I turn. Combine my new found love for shopping for baby girl things with the great things I've been given, and it's definitely time to set up Maeva's Closet. And unfortunately, this is what it looks like right now. It's basically my craft closet, combined with some other random things. So now the fun part is finding a home for all of this so I can get her closet set up! Wish me luck.

Along those lines, I have to share some fun stuff I've picked up for MB lately. I always love to know where people buy stuff, so I try to share too in case you're wondering. And yes, I did buy all of this (much to Patrick's delight) so I'm just sharing because I'm excited about my purchases. :)
--Have you seen the spring collection at Old Navy? I pretty much want it all. I managed to narrow it down to these few things though. SO sweet!! 
-- I ordered these adorable headbands from Flourishing Creations. All of her stuff is beautiful and she is so great to work with. This reminds me of a question - how do you store headbands? I know I've seen lots of cute bow holder ideas, but those seem to be more for clip-on bows. If you have suggestions for a good way to store headbands, I'd love to hear it.
--I also ordered this dress from the Ellie & Ollie shop. Couldn't you die of cuteness?! She is always adding new things. In fact, when I went to grab her store link just now, I saw the Paisley Onesie dress and it's taking every bit of willpower I have to not purchase it. Must.stay.strong.
--I've been on the look out for some cute newborn hats, and decided to try out NextDirect. I'd heard good things about them, but never ordered before. Both of these were only $7.99, with free 2 day FedEx shipping. Some of their deals are better than others, but definitely some cute stuff, and you can't go wrong with free shipping!

Manny is doing much better today thankfully, but I still kept him home from MDO. We are actually headed to an ultrasound now - hoping to get some sweet shots of MB's face! :)


  1. I love the spring Old Navy collection! I have bought wayyyy too much for my daughter already =) Having little girls to dress in dresses and bows is sooo much fun!! =)

  2. Such cute stuff!!! I can't remember if you've said but are y'all going to call her Maeva or will she have a nickname like Manny?

  3. That denim outfit! so cute!! I would be broke if I had a girl! haha.

  4. have you gone tutu crazy yet sarah?? lol! I have for sure with this baby girl coming! :-)

    Ok I have a few links for you- here is a good idea of what to do with headbands-

    Can't find the direct link, but I think its made out of an old oatmeal container?

    I bought this adorable hat the other day for her to wear in the hospital. I wouldn't normally spend that much on a newborn hat but I couldn't resist

    Its been so hard for me not to buy everything frilly that I see. I went to target yesterday and their stuff right now is precious! Cutest little rompers for about $8.
    Can't beat that!

  5. I shop for little girl stuff all the time... The problem is I have a little boy! Lol
    I saw a cute idea for storing headbands.... Take an oatmeal can and cover it with scrap book or wrapping paper or even paint it and just put the headbands on there. of course I saw it on Pinterest...

    Also...... They have some super cute baby girl shoes on Zulily today! :)

  6. Here is a better link

  7. You should see the amount of clothing I have crammed into Ryann's little closet. Girls are dangerous. And I just want to keep buying more.

  8. So cute! I had never heard of NextDirect before. Oh my goodness, they have cute stuff!

  9. I have the most UNcreative bow/headband storage method :) I use the Bento Boxes from Rubbermaid in Kate's nursery. They are canvas boxes with lids that contain pop-out compartments. It keeps the flower clippies away from the bows and the rubberbands out of the headbands. Like I said - not creative, but it works!

  10. So cute! I love all those items you've picked out! I totally understand needing to clean out the extra/craft closet- I tackled ours last week- it took me 2 full days, but everything has it's own nice place now. : )

    My sister-in-law uses a ribbon attached to the wall with pushpins and hangs her headbands that way- quite convenient.

  11. Oh my goodness - those dresses! I am leaving now to not be tempted to hop in the ar and find some for our daughter.

  12. All the little girl stuff out there is out of control! There is so much and I too have given into temptation! My daughter is a year old now and I just now slowed down on buying every single little thing, LOL

  13. LOVE the dress - way cute!! I know I went crazy buying ahead of time for my nieces, I can't imagine if I was expecting a girl of my own - there's just too much cute stuff out there to not snatch up if it's a good deal!

  14. I loove this one!

    I can't find the link for the other one I was looking for. But it was like this one... ...and they had little hooks screwed in the bottom part of the frame for the headbands.

    I'd love to see what you come up with!

  15. old Navy is always a dangerous place for this girl. I love love love all of her goodies. Girls are so fum:)

  16. Hi Sarah! My sister-in-law's mom makes the most beautiful headbands and hats. Here is her facebook page and she will do anything custom.!/pages/Sophia-Kate-Designs/238015892882837#!/photo.php?fbid=301588783192214&set=pu.238015892882837&type=1&theater

  17. Oh my, what sweet, girly stuff you've found! I just love it all. That hot pink chevron dress is the cutest. Can't wait to see her in it!!

  18. Scrapbook an empty oatmeal container ... then just slide them over it!

  19. I was just at Old Navy yesterday and they have some cute clothes right now! I found a cute headband and clip holder on Etsy for my daughters stuff. It hangs on the wall in her room.

  20. Hi! Not sure how I came across your blog... Pinterest maybe?... but I LOVE Old Navy clothing. I have an almost 7 month old and just HAD to buy that cute white sun dress with the gold embellishments on the bottom. It looks like the perfect beach picture dress!

  21. little girls clothing is soooo addictive and cute and Im hear to say it really doesnt seem to get any easier :)


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