April 23, 2012

Just Some Randoms

--I got the cutest gift in the mail last week from my sweet blog friend Brittany. I absolutely love this fabric banner she made, and it will look adorable over Maeva's changing table! Since I'm not fully setting up her nursery yet, this was the perfect thing to put up so it feels like I've actually done some decorating. Thank you so much Brittany...you are so incredibly thoughtful and it is the perfect touch for her room!

--I finally started packing our hospital bags. Why is it that I feel like this is my first time to do this? I cannot for the life of me think what I need and know I'm going to end up with a bunch of random things I don't need. I ended up selling the 2 diaper bags that I used for Manny, and bought the Timi & Leslie Charlie II. Love the look of it; hope I also like the functionality once I start using it.

--Which leads me to a question. I have heard a lot of people talk about putting together a big brother/sister bag for the hospital, I guess of little prizes or things to do. Has anyone done this? If so, what do (or don't) you recommend including? Was it helpful/useful? I'm thinking I want to do something along these lines, as this little guy is pretty high energy and things can go downhill quickly if he doesn't have something to do. Or should I say...something to do that won't get him into trouble. :)
--Speaking of random things, has anyone tried the NoseFrida? I didn't hear about it until Manny was old enough that we didn't really need anything like that, but I'm thinking of ordering one to use for MB. I HATE suctioning babies, and if this makes it easier at all, I definitely need one.

--Thanks for all of the incredibly sweet comments on Maeva's baby shower! I definitely feel so blessed to have had a 2nd shower and that my mom and sisters made it such a special day for us. I got a few questions on things from the shower, and thought I would answer some of them here. I used my Cricut to cut out the chalkboard labels. Chalkboard vinyl can be purchased here. I also cut the monograms with my Cricut. I don't use cartridges, but always use my Sure Cuts a Lot software. Unfortunately it is no longer for sale as a Cricut compatible version, so I'm sorry I'm not more help there. As far as the banner that said Maeva Beth, I designed it in Photoshop. If you aren't familiar with how to do that, then you might check out this tutorial I did on my blog awhile back for another way to make a custom banner: DIY Easy Banner Tutorial. The custom water bottle label tutorial, including a template you can download and customize yourself, can be found here. I think I've responded via email to any other questions I got, but if I missed yours please let me know!

Happy Monday, friends! :)


  1. Manny cracks me up in all your pictures!!

  2. I have never used the nose freida but I have a friend who had a micro preemie and she swears by it. She said its worth every penny and works 100 times better than a bulb.
    Manny is so stinkin cute! Can't wait to see your baby girl!

  3. Oh Manny Manny...he is so funny. As for the big brother little sis gifts. I got Taylor a camera to take pics at the hospital and a big sis necklace. She gave Ry a Build A Bear that she made and we put in a voice recorded thing that said I love you baby Ryan. As for Meava giving Manny something..I would pick something that he is loving right now....maybe a new hat:) or a toy that he is interested in.
    Not sure about the snot sucker...never heard of it.
    Make sure have socks packed in your hospital bag:)

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower and just wanted to respond about the NoseFrida. We bought one for my son and it was the best money we've spent!! Works so much better than the bulb!! You don't feel like your are sucking their brains out like you do with the bulb. Also, we didn't buy any extra filters, you can actually wash them out several times before having to replace them. There is also another brand that is called Baby Comfy Nose that seems to work just as well (I haven't personally tried it). I bought four for baby showers recently from BitsyBug I think that were two for $14. Good luck and congrats on Maeva!

  5. Yes- We have a Nosefrida and LOVE it! It's like a suction vaccuum for noses. It sounds nasty but there is NO possible way you would ever suck up the snot. We usually had to pin Connor's arms down while Terence sucked but afterwards he could breathe so much better :)

  6. So, I was totally against the Nosefrida when I first heard about it... ga-rose!!! But then it was given to me at my baby shower by AP of I Love You More Than Carrotts (partly as an inside joke) and the thing really is amazing. My kid doesn't love it, but it's SO much easier than the bulb and if nothing else, I don't feel like I'm sucking his brains out :)

  7. Hey there! We did do a gift for Zane when Landon was born. We just bought something we knew he wanted and wrapped it up and when Zane came to the hospital to meet Landon, we gave him the gift and said it was FROM Landon, worked great for us. We also of course had gotten him a Big Brother shirt to wear to the hospital!

  8. I think making a bag for Manny would be a great idea!!!! You don't want him to get lost in the shuffle...plus keep his little busy self out of trouble!

    And...like Aliya, AP has talked about this and had rave reviews! ;) I say give it a try. ANythings gotta be better than the 'booger sucker' as we call it! However, E is old enough to try to blow his nose, but even so, he will still ask for it because he knows it makes him feel so much better! HA!

  9. The shower for Maeva was precious and I am loving the new diaper bag you chose. I'm not even pregnant, and I'm still loving it. I like that it's sleek and stylish and doesn't scream "I have diapers if you need them!" ha!

  10. Love the diaper bag! When I had my son we had a gift that my daughter could bring to the hospital for him and then I also had a gift at the hospital that the baby got for her. She loved that the baby had something for her she also enjoyed giving the baby something.

  11. Love the diaper bag! When I had my son we had a gift that my daughter could bring to the hospital for him and then I also had a gift at the hospital that the baby got for her. She loved that the baby had something for her she also enjoyed giving the baby something.

  12. We didn't do a bag for jay and it was fine. A few folks brought him little things when they visited the hospital and everyone who was there while he visited took him for little walks. But, he really wasn't there a lot, and mostly ate cupcakes and played with the bed controls. I DID stash a sackful of toys at home before we had Lizzy and they came in very handy those first times I had both of them by myself, nursing, etc. I would give him a new toy, get it opened then be "free" to deal with sissy for a while. Flap books, trucks, tractors, etc. oh-whatever you do, go ahead and take it out of the childproof part of the packaging, put batteries in and put it back in the box. Sleep deprived mommies don't need to be searching for the tiny screwdriver and double A's.

    We'll be thinking of you!! I forgot all about the Frida....now I might try that for Lizzy! Thanks!

  13. My sister swears by the nose frida. Tatum had rsv, so it was one of the reasons the doctors let her leave the hospital early. All of the doctors were in awe of it!

    Love the diaper bag. You'll have to do a review after you use it!

  14. I love that bag! It is super cute! Manny is just as precious as ever! I've never heard of the Nosefrida! I do know that the suction things the hospital gives you were always the best ones I could find!

  15. I've been using the NoseFrida since my 15-month old was born. It ALWAYS works, which is more than I can say for the bulb sucker things (I keep one of those in my diaper bag for emergencies, but it's much more frustrating to use in my opinion). My baby goes back and forth between cooperating when I pull it out (laying there with his mouth open while I suck the boogies) and throwing a mini tantrum trying to pry it out of my hands, but I imagine it would be the same if I used the bulb. I say GET THE NOSEFRIDA! :)

  16. Love that sweet little banner for her room! So cute! You absolutely need the NoseFrieda, seriously this thing is amazing. I used to think it was so gross but when tatum got Rsv it seriously was a huge reason why I think we didn't have to stay at the hospital too long because I was able to really suction her at home. Also it is perfect for their tiny noses. Best baby product! Good luck with everything!! Can't wait to see pictures of her.

  17. Sarah, We pre-recorded a Hallmark talking book for our son when we went to the hospital to have our second. It was such a blessing for him to be able to hear our voice reading to him each night while we were away. It has become one of his favorite books!! I am thinking of you and your beautiful family. I will be covering you all in prayer these next several weeks.

  18. We have something similar to the Nose Freida and I love it! Even now when C is congested it works wonders. I could never figure out how to use the suction anyway so this saved us!


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