May 21, 2012

Manny is TWO!

It's hard to believe it, but my sweet little boy turned 2 on Thursday! Since we'd just been home from the hospital a few days, we didn't really have much of anything planned. We didn't want to overdo things and be stressed out, so we will have his birthday party sometime in the weeks to come. Guess I should go ahead and plan that, huh? (Procrastinators unite tomorrow.) Anyway, we still wanted his actual day to be special somehow. And thanks to my AHHH-MAZING mother, we were able to do some fun things. She went to the store the night before his birthday and picked up some balloons so Manny was able to wake up to balloons (which he LOVES) on his birthday. He was pretty intrigued by them. :)
She also picked up some cupcakes for him to take to MDO. She dropped him off that day and took these pictures of him carrying the cupcakes inside. Doesn't he look like such a big boy?! Makes me sad but proud. 
Manny's teacher sent me these pictures of him enjoying his cupcake. She said he devoured it in record time. That's my boy! :)
I love this picture of Manny giving my mom a kiss. He loves his Mimi SO much!! 
My mom and Manny share a birthday, so we wanted to go out and celebrate them. This was our first time out as a family of four and the thought of doing this again makes me laugh. We even had my mom's help so it wasn't a true representation of what it'd be like...but it's safe to say we probably won't be going anywhere for awhile. Ha! We tried to get a picture before we went in the restaurant but Manny was wanting to run off into the parking lot, so Patrick was making him hold his hand. And when Manny doesn't want to cooperate, he goes limp and drops to his knees so you basically have to drag him. Gotta love it. 
They brought dirt pie to mom & Manny, and sang to them too. I love the look on Manny's face here while they were doing their little chant. 
Sweet Maeva Beth slept through the whole thing. I know I'm biased, but I do believe she's breathtaking.
Patrick had his eye on this racetrack deal he wanted to get Manny since he is OB-SESSSSSED with cars. My mom also gave him a little car set and he loved them both and plays with them non-stop.

It was a fun day celebrating two of the most important people in my life! Mom, I am SO thankful that you were here to help make Manny's day special, even though it was your birthday first. :) You are the most selfless & giving person and we are so blessed to have you as our mom & Mimi!!


  1. Happy belated birthday to Manny and your Mom.. :)

    Maeva is just beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you.. :)

  2. awh!! such a sweet post! Madyn still does the "limp" thing when he doesn't get his way lol. Happy Belated Birthday to Manny & your mom!!

  3. Happpppy belated birthday to my favorite little mister! He is precious, even if he's a little rambunctious!... and you're totally right--MB is absolutely beautiful. You sure do have some cute little ones :)

  4. Can't believe he is two! He looks so sweet carrying those cupcakes in.

    And Maeva Beth is beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday big boy Manny! Looks like ya'll had a great weekend!!!

  6. You aren't the only one who can't believe your baby is now two. And congrats on your adorable Maeva!

  7. Happy Birthday Manny! Glad you got to get out as a family!

  8. Happy Birthday Manny and Mimi! Love you guys!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Manny! And your little girl is just gorgeous!

  10. Happy Birthday Manny!!! Looks like a fun time!

    Manny sounds just like Cannon - doesn't want to do something - yep just plops right down and won't budge! I can't imagine having a newborn now too with Cannon...I did the 2 year apart thing with my daughter and Cannon - it was hard work! But it does get better :) Hang in there!

    And yes....she is absolutely breathtaking - such a cutie!

  11. Happy Birthday to Manny! My little boy has that same racetrack and loves playing with it.

  12. Love the cute pictures of Manny eating his birthday cupcake!
    And little Maeva is just beautiful!

  13. So cute! You have such a beautiful family.. glad your all getting settled in nicely. ;)

  14. What a pretty family! It looks like y'all enjoyed your family time. My nephew will be 3 Friday & I don't know where the time has gone!

  15. I still can't believe our babies are two!! How is it possible??!

    And Maeva Beth is gorgeous. You did good Mama :)

  16. Happy belated birthday to Manny! I've been following/lurking since he was born, so I feel like I have watched him grow up. And he looks like such a little boy, no longer a baby! Maeva is are blessed!


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