May 10, 2012


*I came across this post that I wrote last summer, but somehow never published it. I wanted to share it before I completely forgot. And yes, I'm still pregnant. :)

In a weird way, blogging makes life more "real". I read so many blogs that I feel like I know these people, even though I've never actually met many of them. So when I see them experiencing hardships, it truly does effect me.

There are many different struggles I've read about on other's blogs, but nothing is quite like reading about people who have lost a child. Simply uncomprehendable. Unfortunately I've come across many blogs where someone has lost a child. Every single time I read one, it weighs so heavy on my heart.

I'm sure many of you know Cora's story, shared by her mom Jess, and how she lost her battle to cancer at only 11 months old. I think that was the first story I encountered via blogging that really effected me. I was so heartbroken for this family, and cried tears for them many times. And I've shared briefly about my friend Missy before, who lost her sweet daughter Leightyn suddenly to a brain tumor.  Then there's Megan, who's sweet baby boy Cohen was born with heart problems and went to heaven 11 days after being born. I think about all of these stories, and many more, on a regular basis. Sometimes I will lay in bed at night, and talk to Patrick about these people, and how my heart just breaks for them...even though I've never "met" them. It really gives me a new perspective on life's "problems" and the things I complain about.

And now that I have Manny? The stories effect me even more. A few weeks ago, I somehow stumbled upon Lee Anne's blog. I thought she looked familiar, and it turns out we were both at OU at the same time and in the same major. Though I didn't "know" her, I'm certain I remember seeing her in passing. As I started reading her blog, I came across the story of the loss of their precious son Isaiah at only 11 months old. She is such a transparent and inspiring writer, and her words just gripped me. I couldn't stop reading more about what they'd been through, and as I delved deeper into her blog, I saw something that literally shook me to the core. You see, her sweet son Isaiah went to heaven on May 17, 2010. You know what else happened that exact same day? My sweet baby was born. To think that on the same day that Lee Anne was experiencing her darkest hour, I was experiencing one of my brightest....well, it was just overwhelming. I don't get it. I don't understand why these things happen, but the faith in Lee Anne's writings are SO encouraging and insightful that you can't help but be inspired to live life better. It truly does put things in perspective.

I remember when Jess (Cora's mom) blogged about Cora's funeral, and she talked about how they played the song, "Blessed Be Your Name". The Lord truly does give and take away, and these women are prime examples of someone who still chooses to bless HIS name, regardless of the circumstances. Thank you, ladies, for touching my life even in your heartache! I encourage those of you who are reading this to take the time to visit these blogs I've mentioned and show them some encouragement or support, or simply just say hi. It's been almost a year or more since each of their babies have gone to heaven, and I'm sure it's nice to know someone is thinking of you and honoring the memory of your child.

And when life gets crazy and overwhelming, I encourage you to stop and take a moment to count your blessings. There are times it might seem like you have none to count, but I'm certain if you look hard enough you'll find some. Cliche' as it may be, life truly is short. Take each battle as you face it, and try to keep your faith in the process, just as these women have done.


  1. Sooo well said! Thanks for posting. I, too, have felt a major impact reading some of these blogs, especially now that I am a mother. I cannot imagine what losing a child must be like or how you go on after that.

  2. Always a good perspective. Sometimes, when my son is giving me the hardest time and I just want to cry, I try my hardest to remember that there are people out there who would MUCH rather be dealing with a fussy, tempermental toddler than not having theirs here anymore. Good reminder. :)

  3. I love this post-it is so easy to get caught up into the daily twists and turns (especially with little children) that you really forget what's really important. thanks for a post, it's a great reminder.

  4. It is uncomprehendable to me what these families have gone thru. I have just sat and sobbed reading stories like these. It makes my heart hurt! We do have to put things in perspective and be so thankful for every day....they are truly gifts!

  5. So true.I have a friend named Krista who's little girl,Avalyn Shaye Bright passed away at 2 years old from complications of having her tonsils taken out.She has a blog although I am not sure if she has made it public yet.I cried tears for this little Angel like she was own child.Her mommy's faith is truly an inspiration !! Great post !!

  6. Great post. I hate that it takes such sad circumstances to give us perspective...but I'm also thankful for the reminders they provide. Whenever I get frustrated or tired of mommy-related things...I think of these mommies who would do anything to be in my shoes and I suck it up and am thankful instead. That's a gift.

  7. Always a good reminder to count our blessings and hug them a little tighter every day. Unfortunately, I've read or heard of a lot of instances lately which remind me to do this.

  8. There is so much heartache sometimes, but I truly believe we have to put all of our energy into seeking the good! Choosing joy can be incredibly tough, but I think it really is an option for everyone!

  9. I know what you mean. I just never thought about just how many families lost their babies until I started blogging. I honestly think it's helped my spirituality. I've never prayed for so many people that I don't "know" since blogging!

  10. I cannot even begin to imagine what these families go thru. I followed poor LeeAnne & Renzi's story over facebook and hated to see the loss of Isaiah. It's such a tragic thing losing a child. Their newest addition is sure to bring joy to their lives but will never dull the pain! This is a beautiful thought, thanks for sharing.


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