May 26, 2012

Picture Dump

Wow, what a week! I forgot how the days fly by in a crazy blur with a newborn. I can't believe Maeva is already 2 weeks old...she is such a sweet little baby! Unfortunately it appears she has some reflux problems, so that's been no fun. I'm trying not to worry about it, but when you go from a baby who basically never spit up, to a baby having major spit up that even comes out her nose? Well, it can be a little unsettling for mama, particularly at night time. We're working on figuring out what will help her, so hopefully things will level out soon. I hate to see her uncomfortable. :( On the bright side, she is gaining weight despite all of this! She was 7 lbs 13 oz at birth, 8 lbs 4 oz at 1 week old, and 8 lbs 15 oz today, so I'm very thankful for that.
Other than that, not much is new here. Of course I have tons of pictures to share, so I thought I'd post a few today. I snapped this picture the other day when Patrick got home from work, and I think it's one of my favorite pictures ever. Looking at this picture and realizing it's my sweet little family is just surreal and makes me feel overwhelmingly blessed. And yes, I'm sappy right now. Blame the postpartum hormones. :)
Manny is so so SO obsessed with MB.When he wakes up he immediately starts talking about and looking for the Bebe. He hovers around her seat and is just dying to play with her. It makes me so proud to see how sweet and attentive he is to her. Yes, he can be extreme at times...but it's pretty much him not knowing how to control his excitement.

I do worry about leaving him alone with her in a room because he has been known to try to climb in her seat with, or should I say ON her. But sometimes it's just not realistic for me to always be in the room. The other day I made a quick trip to the bathroom and came out to find Manny playing doctor. It was hilarious. I think he's so excited to have a playmate...I can't wait to see them interact in the months to come!
Manny is always front & center for diaper changes. He drags his stool in front of the changing table, and talks to her - sometimes plays with her hair, which is PRECIOUS - while we're changing her. Then we give him the diaper, and he goes and puts it in the diaper pail. He's all business & gets offended if you take that job from him.
Maeva is changing so much every day, but I do see a lot of resemblances to Manny. I love these pictures of them in their baby burritos. Manny was a little older than she was in this picture, but I still see some similarities.
I think she really looks like him here too. And she ALWAYS wants to have her right hand on her face. It was like that in all of her ultrasounds too!

Here's another video of Manny hanging out with her. This is pretty much how it is all day...he's always just hovering. :)

So there's a little update for the family that's been asking. :) Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!


  1. Aubrey had terrible reflux. When I would nurse she would pull off and scream, it was awful! The pediatrician put her on Axid and it worked miracles.
    Your babies are so precious, love the pictures!

  2. Oh my gosh! Maeva is absolutely adorable and I love that Manny is so in love with her!!! I'm so sorry that she gas reflux! I know how awful that is! Sydney had it and it was the worst! She was premature and needed to gain any weight she could, but reflux didn't help with that. They started her on a medicine that helped a little, and then we started her on rice cereal in her bottle. But alot of babies outgrow it at six months so we were glad to reach that mark. Just hang in there girl!

  3. she is such a little baby doll!! completely adorable in every way!
    so crazy, that both your little ones look so similar! my best friend just had a baby girl and has a little boy as well and she did the same kind of comparison that you did with the two pics right next to each other as baby's and they look practically identical as well.
    sorry to hear about the reflux, i hope she is better soon! i've heard that is just horrible for babies to have since it can be painful.
    hope all else is wonderful with you all!!

  4. Your babies are precious!! Love how involved Manny is :) My daughter had reflux. It took several formula changes and a try at rice cereal before we tried medicine. She was like a new baby. Also our rock-n-sleeper I have to say saved the day ( and night) It kept her elevated just right to help her sleep. Hope it gets better soon!!

  5. Congratulations! Both your children are adorable! She is a beauty!! Hoping her reflux problems even out soon. That has to be very stressful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful little family!

  6. Maeva is adorable & that video is so sweet. I hope her reflux gets better

  7. how precious!! Hopefully you get the reflux figured out that can be so frustrating and sad :( where did you get that chevron print blanket I LOVE it!!!

  8. She's precious!!! and Manny is just too cute!

  9. Such sweet pictures! Manny and Maeva do favor quite a bit - they are both adorable:)

  10. Hahaha, he cracks me up with his hovering!! That's wonderful that he is so enamored with her though! I love that he is the diaper changing assistant! I need one of those :)

  11. We dealt with terrible silent acid reflux and what saved us what a fisher-price Rock n' Play for naps and sleeping as it elevates their upper body and you can rock it to help calm them. We also put our little one on liquid Zantac. It was a godsend after 2 months of screaming at every meal and between meals.

    Of course, you will do what is best for your family but just wanted to let you know what helped us :)

  12. Awww - so sweet!! She and your family are precious!


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