June 22, 2012

Maeva's Birth Announcement

I have finally mailed most of Maeva's announcements, so I thought I'd go ahead and share them here. As I mentioned when I posted her newborn pictures, Susan from Tulip Tree Photography did a phenomenal job...I love love love all of these images! I had such a hard time designing these for some reason...I think I just obsess when I design things for myself. But I am pleased with how they came out in the end. I had them printed on pearlescent stock and think they looked so pretty. 
I just LOVE this picture of Maeva. It was so neat watching Susan pose her for it. She was so patient and took her time getting Maeva situated and her head steady. I was super impressed!
We didn't have much luck with Manny posing for pictures, but she still managed to get 2 decent shots. I had decided at the beginning of my pregnancy that no matter how down I felt about myself, I would swallow my pride and be in a newborn family picture. And I'm glad I did. 

I shared one similar to this already, but I absolutely love this one of her in the doctor's bag. This was a pose Susan had on her website, and when I saw it, I knew I wanted a shot of MB like this. I am having it printed on a canvas and it will go in one of Patrick's patient rooms. I just love it. :)
I forgot to take a picture of one actually printed, but here is what I designed for the label. They were the exact width of the envelope.

I can't believe my little baby will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! She has changed SO much and I really need to get a one month post written on her before she's already 2 months old. Poor little second child. :)


  1. She is so precious Sarah!! And you look wonderful in the picture too! The announcement is beautiful, and I am in love with the label. Hello Maeva!! :)

  2. I love all your designs, you are really talented! What program do you use?

  3. Omgosh! I love, love her birth announcement picture. She is an absolute doll!

  4. You did such a great job with the announcement and label! The label is my favorite part. She is such a doll.

  5. Seriously one of the cutest pictures ever. Just precious!

  6. Maeva is darling and this announcement is just beautiful!

  7. Those are adorable Sarah!! I am so thrilled that you are having so much fun with your baby girl, love all the pink touches. She is just precious!!

  8. So cute! I swear that pic on the front of the announcement looks just like Manny!

  9. I hope you don't feel down about yourself, you look great! And I just love the announcements, they are darling.

  10. Loving her announcement. iCandy wait to make up announcements for my little one

  11. These are just too cute! You did an amazing job like always!! P.s. You look great in the family photo:)

  12. absolute perfection!!! i cannot get over how much she looks like manny!! and you look awesome in that picture mama. you're glowing :)

  13. Oh how beautiful!!!! Maeva is God's absolute perfection.
    You did an awesome job with her birth announcement!! The photos are to die for....I'd have such a hard time deciding which ones to have enlargements of..maybe all! lol
    Blessing to you and your family. :D

  14. Oh my goodness her announcement is adorbs! She is so beautiful! I love the pic with the dr bag!

  15. Oh my goodness her announcement is adorbs! She is so beautiful! I love the pic with the dr bag!

  16. Those are so beautiful! She is so gorgeous and your family is just so precious!! I know what you mean about taking pictures; I just don't' care what I look like this time around.....I just want to make sure I am in SOME of the pictures!!

    Congratulations again! God is so faithful!


  17. She is so precious, Sarah...and I really LOVE that scripture!


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