July 11, 2012

4th of July 2012

So Fourth of July was a little different this year, but we had a great time! Normally we go up to my parent's at the lake, but with the 4th falling in the middle of the week it kind of threw things off. Luckily my friend Megan's plans changed and they ended up being in town, so we hung out with them and had a great time.
I have very few pictures of me with Manny & Maeva, mostly because I'm always in my pajamas the one taking the pictures. So, it was a must to document the occasion! They looked beyond precious in their matching SheShe Made outfits too. I want them to match all the time now...this could be a problem.
Tuesday night we met Megan, Luke, and Eli in Bricktown and we went to eat at Abuelo's - my fave! (PS - Can we talk about how badly Manny needs a haircut?! And no, I don't mean a chop job by daddy while mommy holds him down screaming. I've got to get the courage to take him back to a barber/hairdresser. I think this week might be the week. Wish me luck.)
After dinner, we walked around Bricktown for a little bit and went and had some gelato. Manny enjoyed acting like a big shot pushing Eli around, and Eli loved it (he's got a strong poker face).
After that we headed out to watch some fireworks. We ended up being SO close to them and had no clue...kind of scared us all when they shot the first one off. Manny wasn't sure at first, but then he got on board and started yelling "Boom!" while he watched. It was late so we didn't stay long, but it was fun and the fireworks were so pretty.
On Wednesday, we were going to go to a parade but Patrick ended up having to work that morning and I was too tired from the late night before to try to get 2 kids there myself. We just hung out most of the day, and then headed out later that afternoon. Of course this called for another photo op. Easier said then done though, right? We have about a dozen pictures like this. Getting just one can be a challenge, so I told Patrick to just keep clicking and maybe we'd get a winner in there somewhere.
Sweet victory! We're all looking, and nobody's laying on the floor. Manny is such a goof. And could you D-I-E for their matching SheShe Made outfits?! These are my favorite ever. Love love love them!!
Later that night we went to Megan & Luke's to watch the Super Bowl. Yes, I said Super Bowl. I can't remember if I ever mentioned it, but thanks to me and a failed DVR recording...Patrick never got to watch the Super Bowl. Luckily he was nice about it, but he's always wanted to see it. And then the first time he met Luke, somehow the Super Bowl came up. As luck would have it, Luke just so happens to have it recorded. So we'd been talking for awhile about getting together to watch it, and the 4th just seemed like the perfect time for it. We ate pizza and Megan made an awesome Butterfinger Pie. I also made my favorite go- to Symphony Brownies...just can't ever get enough of those.

So it ended up being a great holiday, and I'm so thankful for all of the men, women, and their families who have served our country so we can do silly things like we did for the 4th. It's easy to take for granted, but we really are blessed!


  1. Your little ones are adorable and you look great! I love your red shirt.

  2. Sounds like a good 4th! They are precious. :)

  3. Love the photos! And it looks like you guys ended up having a good 4th!!! =)

  4. Y'all look great in your red, white and blue!! Looks like a fun time!!

  5. You speak my love language ... Abuelo's! :) Glad you had a good holiday - the kids looked presh!

  6. You look fantastic!!! I would never believe you just had a baby!! The kiddos look so precious in their matching everything! I will be putting my kids in matching clothes until it makes them physically ill or until they can buy their own clothes. It's my right since I grew them in my organs. If they don't like it, they can take it up with my stretch marks.

    They are just too, too cute for words!!

  7. How do you always look so cute?? Can you come shop for me... thanks!! haha Seriously though, adorable pics!

  8. You look great, and I love all of your outfits. I am five weeks post baby and am gonna take some cues from you.

  9. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kiddos matching outfits. And you looks great! Enjoy her the second seems to grow up faster than the first :)

  10. What a fun day! :) Hope you having a wonderful week!

  11. Your family is precious !!! Maeva and Manny are adorable !!! You look fabulous and I'm going to try Baby Lips. Thanks for sharing :)


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