July 31, 2012

Father's Day {2012}

I tend to live by the motto, "Better later than never." And that would be the case for our Father's Day gifts this year! We spent the actual day up at my parent's house and had a great time, and I gave Patrick a card and told him he had gifts to come when we got home. And by "when we got home", I meant plus a month and a few weeks. But who's counting? Bless his heart, he never even brought it up again...probably because he was too scared being polite. Needless to say, I finally got around to giving him his gifts yesterday. For his first Father's Day, I gave him the DAD pictures of Manny, and he said he wanted it every year, so that's a given. I tried to take the kid's pictures once, but it was a major bust, so had been putting it off. Then one day Manny just plopped down next to Maeva while I was taking pictures of her. He started kissing her and being all sweet, so I ran and got the letters. I was not too excited with what Manny was wearing. I had cute coordinating outfits picked out for them for this purpose. But honestly? The Curious George shirt is perfect as that is his UNIFORM these days. These pictures definitely accurately depict our life right now. Silly Manny and Sweet Maeva. :)
I always like to look back, so here is Father's Day 2010. I think Manny & Maeva look a lot alike in these pictures!
And here is Father's Day 2011. He sure has grown this last year. Not so much a baby anymore. :(
I always frame the pictures in a floating frame. In fact, I've bought the same frame at Target the last 3 years. The OCD and hoarder in me makes me want to buy a bunch of these frames in case they stop selling them in the years to come. But I have resisted. If they stop selling them I'll just have to deal with the fact that all the frames won't match. Which is fine, but now? I wish I hadn't matched them to begin with. Clearly I take this way too seriously. Moving right along.
We also got him a pair of monogrammed cuff links. They looked different than I thought they were going to, but Patrick says he likes them so that's all that matters!
Maeva had fun giving daddy his gifts. But Manny? He was busy pouting because I wouldn't let him sit on the picture frame. I'm so mean. 


  1. I am LOLing at your discussion of the picture frames!! I am the SAME way. I hate for things not to match. Too funny!!! All of the pictures are great!!

  2. LOVE that you do the "DAD" thing every year...and LOVE that your M&M's are looking sooo much alike!

  3. love that! what a great idea. i am a mean mom also...i don't let the kids color on the wall, or run in the house or jump on the furniture or any of the things they think are fun!

  4. I love the pictures, Sarah, and I totally relate to your frame dilemma. I get hung up on things like that all the time! Thanks for sharing this, definitely better late than never!

  5. You are not crazy. You know I've done the same thing the last couple of years and they're in the same frame too. I can't even think about them all not matching. I sort of can't breathe right now just imagining that.

  6. Manny and my son are so similar! I love seeing your pictures of him screaming with an arched back. That's how Jackson looks all the time these days. Maybe we'll have sweet girls who pose for pictures?!?!


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