July 25, 2012

Maeva Beth {2 Months}

Dear Maeva Beth,

I know I'll say this every month, but I simply cannot believe you're already 2 months old! Time is flying by so fast and I just can't wrap my mind around it. Where do the days go?! So what has this last month been like for you?

--At your 2 month check-up on July 17th, you weighed 11 lbs 14 ozs, which is the 75th percentile. You have some serious thigh chub and it's adorable. You rock it much better than I do. You are  23 inches long, which is also the 75th percentile.  

--You are doing SO much better with your reflux! I hesitated to type that because I didn't want to jinx anything, but your daddy told me to stop being superstitious. I told him I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. (That is an Office reference - one day I'll teach you all about the greatness of that show. ) But back to your reflux. Zantac seemed to be helping some, but you'd still have problems from time to time. Then one weekend when we were down visiting Aunt Rach & Uncle Matt, we had him adjust you. And since then? You haven't projectiled at all! You still have small spit-ups from time to time, but it's nothing compared to what it was. And overall you seem like a much happier baby! I'm so thankful you are doing so well and hope things stay the way they are.

--You are nursing about every 3 hours during the day. There are times you could go longer, but I try not to let you as I'd rather you save those long stretches for nighttime. :) As far as at night? Well, I'm a firm believer in not talking about sleeping habits, because as soon as you do? It seems to change instantly. But I will say your brother was not as generous in the sleep department as you've been, and I didn't do anything different with him then you. I think it just comes down to your personalities. We still have some rough nights, but that's all part of the journey, right? :) Currently you sleep in your car seat in our room. It's funny that you like it, because your brother HATED it. Again, you guys are such different babies. Since it seems your reflux has settled down, we're hoping to get your crib set up and move you into it soon. Let's hope that goes well!

--You have found your voice and your coo's are THE sweetest thing! You are quite the little cheeser too. Especially for your daddy....it's pretty sweet to watch you two together.

--Your daddy gave you your first bottle on June 25, and I'm so glad you took to it with no problems. We waited too long to introduce bottles to your brother, and that was a nightmare. Thankfully you're a pretty laid back baby and I think that makes a big difference on things like this. I left you for the first time on June 28th so we could go to something for daddy's work. You did great and slept the whole time, but I sure missed you!
--The only new nickname for this month is Sissy Girl. I know it's not anything special, but I definitely call you that a lot, and I don't know why. Your daddy still calls you LP (Little Princess), and Manny still calls you Bebe, and sometimes even Bebe Sawyer. Sawyer is Mimi & Papa's dog, and Manny likes to say his name. So I guess it only makes sense to say yours with it? Who knows...you'll quickly learn your brother is kind of silly.
--You tolerate tummy time, but are not a huge fan. You have rolled over to your back a few times while doing tummy time.  
--And here's our monthly comparison. I think you still resemble your brother, but I definitely think you have your own look now too.

Happy 2 Months sweet girl! I love you in a way I never knew I could!!




  1. Natalie StanfieldJuly 25, 2012 at 2:58 PM

    MB is absolutely adorable! It feels like my Joy was 2 months old yesterday but in reality we'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday really soon! Time does fly! Enjoy your sweet little angel!

  2. Oh, how adorable!! There are so many things I love about these pics! I think she favors Manny a lot! Definitely the same mouth/lips. I died at the Office reference. We say that line ALL the time! Maeva is just a doll baby, plain and simple!! I don't see how anyone could ever get enough of her cuteness! Hope y'all are doing well :)

  3. Awe she is too cute. Love that big smile picture. Happy 2 months maeva

  4. She is seriously so pretty, Sarah! I love her headband - I think Kinley and Emery need one like that. So glad y'all are doing well!

  5. Can't believe she is already 2 months! In looking at the pics of Manny and Maeva, I have to say - she looks like Momma and he looks like Daddy! So cute that they each favor one parent a little more than the other; love that:)

  6. Your babies make me want to have babies!! So so cute!!

  7. She's so gorgeous Sarah! I am seriously CRACKING up at Bebe Sawyer! What on earth?! He is so hilarious!

  8. I cannot believe she is already 2 months old! Wow! She's gorgeous!

  9. Awww! She is definitely Manny's sister!! :) Precious girl.

  10. She is so precious! Thanks for the sweet comment too! I am so bad about commenting as well :)

    Aedan had reflux too and he slept great on the boppy newborn lounger. We just set it in the middle of his crib and used it until he started to roll more. She might do better in something like that vs flat on her crib when you move her. :)

  11. Sarah, she is precious!! It must be in all 2nd babies to be so laid back, don't ya love it?! :) Oh, and I need to squeeze her cheeks!!!

  12. Precious girl! So glad to hear she's sleeping well and that the adjustment helped! That 2 months seriously flew by!

  13. She is so precious! You do such a great job with her posts. Thanks so much for sharing!


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