July 18, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

--We had the BEST play date Saturday! Ashley and I have been good blog friends for a couple of years now, and we finally got the chance to hang out. I knew we would hit it off, but she really is the sweetest thing ever! Her son Cooper is just a few weeks younger than Manny, and they remind me SO much of each other with their crazy boy ways. :) Ashley and I have a lot in common too, so I was so excited that they were able to come down and visit for the day. She even brought some sweet things for Manny and Maeva, and more importantly - some sweet things for me! These blondies were ridiculously good. They had sugar cookies, white chocolate chips, golden Oreos, and I'm pretty sure little bits of heaven in them. She's quite the baker! We also invited Megan and Katie to come hang out, and the kids had lots of fun. This picture of Katie reading to the kids absolutely cracks me up. She was actually sitting on Manny's little Mickey Mouse couch, and all the kids piled on her while she read. It was such a fun day...thanks so much for coming over girls!  

--I continue to have serious issues with my school supply addiction. I got sucked in at Wal-Mart the other night, and at one point a locker mirror even made it's way into my cart. A LOCKER MIRROR. What is wrong with me?! Pretty sure I have zero use for a locker mirror, but my crazy self was trying to find a way to rationalize it. Am I wishing myself back to the 8th grade? Is this the first sign of a mid-life crisis? Needless to say, I didn't actually end up getting it so maybe there's hope for me yet. I did, however, snag all these fun things. And did you know Wal-Mart has an "88 cent spot" now? The one at my store is by the party supplies. It isn't huge, but it's definitely growing. I got the cute sidewalk chalk and the "Love is all you need" metal sign there. I thought it'd be cute in a gallery arrangement in MB's (non-existent) nursery.

--I am happy to report that Manny had another haircut yesterday! This was his 3rd haircut, and was FAR better than the last one (I still shudder when I think of that). He was not excited about it, but it wasn't the kicking-screaming-flailing chaos we experienced last time. He would freak a little when she'd get near his ears, but we managed to keep him contained. He whined for most of it, but I turned on old Donald Duck cartoons (his favorite) on my phone and that helped distract him. I'm glad I finally got the nerve to do this, and hopefully we can start going on a regular basis now and it will become a "non-event" the more we go.

--I mean, really. How is she already old enough to be this smiley and social? Sister has found her voice and it is so sweet. She had her 2 month appointment yesterday and is doing great. Hope to have her 2 month post up within a week.

--And of course we can't forget big brother. He is busier than ever, and always showering MB in kisses. The other day I had just finished feeding her and was burping her, and Manny came over and was helping (naturally) by beating her on the back. Then he started kissing her on the head, which progressed to what you see here...a little game of "Where's Bebe?" Maeva could hardly contain her excitement. Oh these two.

Happy Wednesday friends! :)


  1. You're so sweet. Saturday was a blast and I can't wait to get together again. Our WalMart's 88 cent spot has some really good stuff in it! I go out of my way to that side of the store every time I'm there for groceries. That second picture of Manny getting his haircut kills me! The expression on his face is priceless! Looks like they did a good job on it!

  2. I was at my Target the other day and now not only do they have $2.50 stuff in the Dollar Spot, but now they have $3.00 stuff! And, I was on vacation last week and happened upon a Target near our hotel, and the stuff that was $2.50 and $3.00 at my Target? $1.00 there?!?!? I am totally going to Wal Mart's $0.88 spot! Maybe they won't be so sneaky!

  3. I had no idea Wal-mart had a .88 spot! I'll be heading there...today.

  4. I'm so going to hit up the .88 spot too! I don't think ours has one (small, small town) but I'm out of town right now and will have to look! ;)
    Also, girlfriend is adorable! ;) Love the pic of her and Manny!

  5. Maeva is just too cute for words!! Seriously, I know you know this, but she is just such a doll! And the pics of her and Manny together? Die. Honestly. D.I.E. My brother and I are so, so close (our kids' middle names are after one another and we just always have hilarious good times {although he is way funnier than I am}) and when I see pics of Manny & Maeva I just know they will be the best of buddies like my brother and I. I could give you more examples, but I am afraid it will come across more like the episode of "Friends" where Rachael dated the guy across the hall who got in tickle fights with his sister before taking a bath together.....remember that one? Cause...ew. Sorry, I have a friend in London who is about 10 years behind in "Friends" re-runs, so if you are not getting my comparison, trust me. It was yucky.

    Man, that was long.

    That's what she said.

    And, PS: Thank you for your blog comment section asking if I am a robot. I can't read that teeny, tiny number/non-word, word to re-type it. Can't they ask my age first so at least enlarge the letters or ask me some pop culture question they know I wouldn't know the answer to? Like Snookie's whatever or anything about Justin Bieber?


  6. That should be *not* asking me if I am a robot. I get adequate sleep. Except I don't. You understand.

  7. Manny cracks me up. He is such a boy and I love it. I'm pretty jealous of y'alls big playdate. I say the next one can be at my house and you can all come!!

  8. That babygirls smile is to DIE for!!!


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