August 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

We spent the weekend up at my parent's and had a great time! We headed up on Thursday afternoon, and stopped in Tulsa on our way to meet up with Megan, Lindsey, and Megan (who happened to be in Tulsa too). Sloane and Jack were there too, and they are the cutest little babies! I love how Sloane is touching Maeva's head in this sweet. It was great to hang out with these girls for a little bit and I'm glad we had the chance to meet up.
It was closing weekend for my parent's amphitheather, so we were glad to get to be there. This year they showed "The Elijah Factor" and it was awesome! I wanted to get a picture with my kids. Guess who wasn't on board with that idea. (broken record)
I had wanted to be in a little bit of the show but it just didn't work out with MB, so Manny went with my sister for the first scene to make a little appearance.
I watched this part from backstage. He did pretty good and just checked everything out. He loves animals, so was all about seeing the camel, horses, and donkey. He did get a little scared when King Ahab came by in his chariot, but Jen kept him under control. Thanks Jen for taking him with you! I'm glad he got to do it, even if just for a little bit.
I also took this picture of my nieces Gabi and Laci dancing in the prelude. This scene is supposed to be like a welcome home celebration for King Ahab and it's one of my favorites. So fun!
On Saturday, Aunt Fe came over to see us. Maeva loved all the attention, and Manny was too busy running around like a hooligan playing to get his picture made.
Saturday night we headed back up to the amphitheater for the final show. The show was awesome...I'm so proud of you mom for another great season!!
Before we headed back on Sunday, we had to get a little lake time in. My dad stayed on the dock with Maeva for a little bit so I could hang out with the girls on the rafts. Thanks dad! :) Manny loved riding around in the canoe with Zack & Hayden, and it was so nice to lay around and chat with the girls. My Aunt Babs was in visiting from Wisconsin and it was so fun to see her. Never a dull moment with Babs & you girls! :)
And that does it for the weekend! Patrick was on call so wasn't able to come, so we were excited to see him when we got home. Now we're getting ready to head to the beach next week! I monogrammed this little coverup for MB last night and I just love it. This is one of the reasons I love having a's fun to be able to personalize stuff real quick if you want to. And I know some of you have requested a post on my machine, so I will try to write about it soon.

Happy Wednesday friends! :)


  1. Do u monogram for other peeps??? If so, I'd be the best customer ever. HEHE!!

  2. The amphitheater looks so fun. More info on that please.

  3. How fun! You have such cute kids.

  4. is the amphitheater in tulsa????

  5. Um, yes, I am going to need more information about that machine. The only ones I have looked at are more expensive than a Smarte Car and take a NASA Engineering degree to operate. Not happening.

    Cute pics as always!! Manny was too funny!! I think I have more pictures of Alex's open mouth than I do of his actual face.


  6. Your pictures are just priceless! That Manny is too cute! And Maeva is pure darling! I can't wait to see a post on your machine....hoping it's simple and easy!
    The lake looks so fun and relaxing and for the family! I'm envious! How lucky are your Mom and Dad....lake life...having the amphitheater....great family to come visit!
    Can't wait to hear about the beach now!
    I've been working to get my 1st grade room ready after 18 years in 3rd! Yikes!! Sometimes I wonder "what have I done!" Was thinking about all your cute ideas when you taught!


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