September 27, 2012

Girl's Weekend Invitations

My college roommate and sweet friend April has a birthday coming up, and her husband wanted to plan something special for her to celebrate. So (with the help of her sister), he planned a girl's weekend for April and a few of her friends. Isn't that so thoughtful?! Of course I couldn't wait to put together an invitation for it, and decided to do something a little different since I only needed to send a handful of invitations.
I had thought about doing a box invitation (like this) but wasn't completely sold on the idea. As luck would have it, I came across these burlap "pencil pouches" at the Target dollar spot, and decided they would be perfect for a girl's weekend theme. I personalized them by stenciling each girl's initial on the bag with craft paint.  For the invitation, I designed a little booklet and used my flourish punch to cut them out.
There were 4 pages containing all the details of what the weekend will entail, and I bound them together with a little rhinestone brad I had left over from these invitations. I think those brads can be purchased from Hobby Lobby or Michael's.
I picked up some of the e.l.f. pocket mirrors at Target for $1/each, and designed a label with each girl's monogram to go on the top. I also put a tube of my favorite e.l.f. lip gloss, also $1, in the bag.

I lined the bag with some fun tissue paper to finish out the inside and tie in the color theme.
And finally, I shipped them in these padded envelopes (also from Target) that perfectly matched the colors I was using.

I can't wait to celebrate you Apy!! :)
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  1. precious!!! you are so creative!

  2. So cute! I wish I could be crafty. It's just not in me, though. Ha!

  3. These are so cute! I bought these bags the other day wanting to paint on them too! Still on my to do list though! ;)

  4. Ok this is just too cute! You are so creative Sarah!

  5. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! You would be a wonderful event planner:) I am totally taking notes on all of these adorable ideas that you come up with for future use:)

  6. Question, what kind of printer do you use to print all of your adorable stuff ? Thanks!

  7. This is sooo cute! I cannot wait to get mine in the mail and see them in real life :)

  8. What a great idea! I'm gonna have to recreate for sure!

  9. I so wish we lived closer to each other - or just in the same state! I would love to be able to do crafty things with you!!!

  10. You never cease to amaze me with your creativeness! Can I just have an ounce of your genius?! Super impressed, girlfriend. You are too cute!

  11. They are perfect!! My best birthday invite ever:) Thanks Friend!

  12. So so cute!! You are so creative, I love it!!

  13. Oh my goodness this is Adorable!! I Love it!! :) Hope the girls weekend was fun!


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