October 12, 2012

Maeva Beth {4 Months}

Dear Maeva Beth,

Well, here I am again...the day before your monthly birthday, and just finally getting the previous month posted. I debated skipping the 4 month pictures, but technically? You were 3 days short of being 5 months, so you were, in fact, still 4 months. So I decided to go with it. Plus I'd already written down some of these updates I wanted to remember from your 4th month. It was just getting the pictures. You, my little peanut, have had a rough couple of weeks fighting a yucky virus, compliments of your big brother. Thankfully you are on the up & up and didn't mind posing for a few pictures the other day! So on to the 4th month recap.
--You had your 4 month check-up and are doing great! You weighed 14 lbs, 2 oz, which is the 52nd percentile. You were 24 inches long, which is the 35th percentile, and your head measured 15.5 inches, which is the 20th percentile.
--I think it's safe to say we're officially past all of the reflux issues! You are no longer on any medicine for it and are doing well. I am SO thankful we have all of that behind you. I still think you're in the early days of teething as you are ALWAYS drooling. No real signs of teeth yet though, so who knows.
--You have started putting everything in your mouth. If we're eating something while holding you, you always grab for it like you want it.
--We finally set up your crib this month, and you have been sleeping in there for most of the night. Except the fact that you've been sick, and momma has been a sucker for letting you sleep in our room during that time. You still aren't sleeping through the night, but we are going to work on that a little more. Yes, I'm aware I said that last month. But here we are again. Maybe this will be the month we really buckle down on it.
--For nicknames, your brother is still set on calling you Bebe Sawyer. Sometimes he says Bebe Girl, but usually Bebe Sawyer. I call you Peanut, which sometimes turns into Peanut Butter, which then turns into me singing "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time". Which then results in you looking at me like I've straight lost my mind. Or laughing. We also call you Maeva-Girl still, and Sissy Prissy.
--You are really starting to be interested in your brother. He is absolutely obsessed with you, and is SO ready to for you to be able to play with him. Sometimes he's a little rough with you, but you are one tough cookie already! You just watch him in amazement. And maybe a little bit of fear.
--You are generally a very happy, laid-back baby. You do have an amazing talent of crying full force while still keeping the paci in your mouth. It's quite intriguing. Except when you do it at 3 am, and I come in your room to put your paci back in, only to find that it's still in. I'm not so intrigued with this trick at that time. But I do love how you'll stop crying when you see me and greet me with a huge cheesy grin. You are a funny one, Maeva Beth.
--And yet again, this month's comparison picture isn't exactly fair since you were a couple weeks older than your brother when I took these. Sometimes you guys look just alike to me, and other times you look so different. I definitely think you look a lot like your brother does right now though.

You are just beautiful Maeva-Girl! I never dreamed I'd have a dark-haired, blue-eyed little beauty as my daughter. You are such a blessing to our family and we love you to pieces!!




  1. She has the most beautiful blue eyes ever!!! So incredibly adorable!!! =)

  2. Sarah,

    She is beautiful. I so enjoy following your blog and being inspired by your heart, His Spirit in you and your creativity! Have a blessed Friday!

    Jenny from

  3. She is just the cutest thing!

  4. She is so incredibly adorable. Her eyes are beautiful!!

  5. She is such a cutie pie! I love her!


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