October 9, 2012

The Proof is in the Pin {Volume 2}

Good morning, and welcome to the second edition of The Proof is in the Pin! This month totally flew by and I didn't get near the time to "Pinterest" as I would've liked as things have just been busy. But really, aren't they always? So times like this, it makes me thankful to have this monthly post scheduled because then I'm accountable to get some pins done! My 3 this month are simple...but they're done. All that matters. :) And if you're not sure what this is all about, you can read more here
Pin #1 - Washi Tape Rainbow Table Makeover: I saw a pin for 25 IKEA Hacks that immediately sucked me in. One of the items on that list was a Rainbow Side Table. She had taken the IKEA LACK Side Table and covered it with washi tape. When I saw this, I might have squealed a little in delight. Because just the weekend before? We had made a trip to IKEA and I picked up one of those tables for MB's room. If I were to make up a word for something like this, I'd call it craftendipity. But I won't. Because that's just dorky. Anyway, I wasn't in love with the table, but we needed something for in there, and at $7.99? You just can't beat it.
So all I lacked (no pun intended) was the washi tape. Anyone that knows me knows that when I want to craft something, I want to do it RIGHT.THEN. As luck would have it, I saw on her post where someone else had picked up tape very similar to washi tape at Target. So off to Target I went. I picked up a package of the Kid Made Modern tape in the kid's craft section for around $7. I also wanted some navy on the table to match her room colors, so I picked up a roll of this paper tape (also similar to washi tape) they have in their office supply section. I then rushed home so I could....let it sit until yesterday. Yep, I totally procrastinated on this project. My crafting time lately is typically interrupted by tending to my little bosses, working on design orders, or let's face it - pure exhaustion. But the good news is, this project was super simple and quick to do once I actually started on it!
Here is the finished product. I loved working with this tape because it's not overly sticky and it lifts up easily if you happen to not lay it down so straight the first time. Not that I'd know. I did not wrap the tape around the edges like she did because certain little fingers in my house would be all over trying to pull that up. I also went to Lowe's and had them cut a piece of plexiglass to put on top of the table. It was about $14, and there was extra besides this so now I have plexiglass taking up space in the garage to use on some other random project I'll probably never get to. But I felt it was necessary to protect the tape from Godzilla, and it just finished it off nicely. Though it does cause a glare in this picture. Mod Podge would be a another good option if you don't want the added expense of the plexiglass. I think the options with what you could do on something like this are endless! I love the way it turned out and it makes for a happy little space in her nursery.

Pin #2 - Shower Ring Scarf Organization: This was a simple organization tip that I saw on Pinterest that linked to a Tumblr about Small Rooms. Talk about a less than 5 minute project! I just picked up a package of shower curtain rings at Target for a little over $1. Then I snapped them onto a hanger, and hung my scarves from the rings. Now it's so much easier to see all my scarves! I may or may not have to do 4 more hangers to get all my scarves like this. I'm a bit of a scarf hoarder.
Picture via Amateur Gourmet
Pin #3 - Best Broccoli of Your Life: Stephanie posted about this in last month's link party, and I knew I needed to try it as we're always looking for ways to get our veggies in. And WOW - it's a must! Even Manny loved it. Patrick did too and has requested it several times since. I made a few adjustments to the original recipe. And by adjustments, I mean cutting corners to try to make it a little bit simpler. I didn't actually zest a lemon over it; just squeezed some lemon juice on it. I also didn't include any pine nuts or basil in it. You can find the recipe here.

So that wraps it up for the second edition of The Proof is in the Pin! I hope you'll join me in this challenge to be a more productive pinner. If you shared any Pinterest projects you've done lately, please grab the button and link up below. Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. OMG I love that table!!! You did a great job

  2. Love that table!!

    I linked up but didn't see a place in the post to actually "link up"

  3. I love, love, love that table! But I am convinced I could never get it to look that good! Will you make me one? I wish I had something to link up with. Next month for sure!

  4. So funny - I almost did the scarf ring project as one of my pins for this month. But then forgot to pick up the scarf rings. Oops. I still plan on doing it though because my scarves are out of control in my closet! Love this link up:)

  5. That table turned out so adorable! I've been pinning but have yet to put any of them to the test, hopefully this will {eventually} inspire me!

  6. I love the table! Everyone talks about that washi tape, but I have never actually seen it in stores. I'm going to have to really hunt for it the next time I go to Target!

  7. I love that table! and I need to get on the scarf organization such a good idea!

    Maybe by next month I'll have some Pins to share...

  8. Eeeeek! That table turned out SO GREAT! I absolutely love it, especially for a little girl's room! And that scarf project? GENIUS. Holy moly, how did I never think of that?! I WILL be making that later. I'm always picking up my scarves off the floor haha I promise to get my stuff together and link up next time!!! Love this :)

  9. Love this!! Thanks Sarah!! Where do I link up??


  10. The table is so freaking cute. Strong work lady, strong work :).

  11. TOTALLY doing the scarf thing! Wow, why didn't I think of that?

    Great post!

  12. I have been eying the broccoli recipe for awhile now. Glad you tried it ans loved it...now I must try:)

  13. I love that table!! So cute!!

  14. that table is fantastic! it make me wish i lived closer to an ikea!!

  15. The table is so cute! And that broccoli---everyone in my family will eat it!

  16. I love the way the table turned out! One day I will participate in this...maybe when Jack is 18. haha.

  17. OMG I absolutely love this idea - Proof is in the Pin! It's fantastic, I so want to link-up!! Your washi-table turned out great, nice job! So glad to be back in blogland and following you again. Definitely will be planning some pins to link up with you on the next Proof is in the Pin! Cheers!!


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