July 4, 2013


I know I mention my dad on here from time to time, and I think it's pretty apparent what a special place he holds in my heart. If you get down to it, "special" doesn't even begin to touch the surface. I have been blessed beyond words with an amazing mom and dad, and I will never be able to adequately describe how much I appreciate all they've done, and continue to do for me. You guys are truly the best, and I hope you always feel that or know that when you think back on your experience of "parenting" me.
This past week we had a bit of a scare when my dad started having some chest pains. He's had this before, but his pain tolerance is really ridiculous and he pretty much just deals with any pain he usually has. We're talking about a man who has passed over 70 kidney stones. SEVENTY. That's no joke my friends. But he typically just continues on when in pain. Thankfully this time, he decided to mention it to Patrick, who then convinced him to go to the ER.  It's a long crazy story, but looking back on it, it's so amazing to see God in the details of this whole thing, as early as 2 weeks prior to his chest pains even starting.

After a full work-up, it was clear something was not right. They ended up doing an angiogram the next morning, and they found 1 blockage at 98%, and 2 blockages at 90%. They placed 2 stents, and will place a 3rd one next week. It is absolutely the Lord's timing and provision that they caught this when they did. Dad was scheduled to have hernia surgery at the end of the month, and that could have potentially been fatal had they not caught his heart issues now. It is amazing to see how well he's doing already. Yes, he's taking it easy, but his color looks great and overall I'm so so thankful for his general recovery.
My dad talks openly about it's a fact of life we will all die one day. I realize that, and I am so thankful for the time we've been given together on earth, but even more thankful that we will get to spend eternity together in heaven. I know we serve a God who gives and takes away. Many times I don't understand why he does one or the other. But I'm incredibly thankful that for now, He gave us more time here on earth with my dad.

I love you daddy! 


  1. so glad your dad is okay! what a joy it is to know we have a life with Christ after this life, but wow the older I get the more I realize how limited my time with my own parents is here on earth. have a blessed and very special fourth with family!

  2. So glad he's doing better :) Happy 4th of July to you and your beautiful family !

  3. Wow...so glad he's doing well and praying for his continual healing.

  4. Happy your dad is doing so well now. What a sweet post, Sarah!

  5. Glad to hear he's doing better! I've had two kidney stones and I can't even imagine 70 (!!!) that makes him a rockstar by its self if you ask me!!


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