December 12, 2013

Christmas PJ Picture Overload

Last night at church they had a pj party for the kids, so of course I had to get some pictures of them in their cuteness. A few days ago there was a big Christmas pj link-up hosted by several girls, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share these pictures. Yes - I'm late to the party. Some things never change. ;)

I took a few pictures with my phone but ran out of memory, so grabbed my real camera. (Which I now keep on top of my fridge - thanks Aunt Nan for the idea - makes it easy to quickly grab!), Unfortunately it was dark already and it's SO hard for me to get decent pictures without natural light. Not to mention the most cooperative subjects ever. :) So the majority of them looked like this. But I did get a few cute ones so here's a little overload! 

Maeva was conflicted on if she wanted to sit on Manny's lap. One second she was whining for him to hold her, then the next she couldn't get down fast enough. Why am I not surprised? :)

The focal point of the whole thing was Manny's Rudolph slippers. I stumbled upon these at Hobby Lobby, and KNEW they were a must for him. They light up when he walks. So if he's not walking, he's stomping his feet because heaven forbid a second go buy where they aren't lit up! I didn't buy Maeva a pair because they didn't have her size, and honestly, I didn't think she'd care. False. She's officially at the age where she has a STRONG opinion, so there were a few cat fights over these.

Manny's new thing is to make funny faces if I ask him to pose for a picture. The middle one is his go-to every time. His hair is a mess too given this was probably the 1 minute in the last 24 hours he's been without his hat. That kid and his hats...always. :)

Once Manny was out of the picture, MB was ready to pose for a while...until she saw one of Manny's trucks and got so excited. So cute how she loves his toys so much...a little bit of a tomboy but also a girly girl with her purse and love for boots and vests. :)

As I mentioned, MB wanted the Rudolph slippers too, so I stopped by Hobby Lobby today and got her a pair. Yes, they're too big, but they're slip-ons so they're manageable. And will be the gift that will keep on giving. ;) But as luck would have it, I didn't think to test them in the store (DUMB) and one of them doesn't light up. When Manny saw it wasn't lighting up, he said, "Hang on sissy, I'll fix it." A few minutes later I found him in the kitchen with this mini tool kit trying to "fix it like daddy". Such a big helper!

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  1. this is late but most of the times when stuff like that happens it's because you don't chill the dough. when the dough is warm or room temperature before baking the sugar and butter melt to quickly and the dough spreads and loses its shape. next time chill the dough before baking


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