January 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend Fun

Today begins a series I like to refer to as "Catching Up On All the Things I Meant to Blog But Never Had the Time To and Can't Move On Because I Still Want Them Documented." It's a working title, bear with me.

Waaay back in November we went to Dallas and had a fun time celebrating birthdays! My niece Ellie turned 7 and my sister had her party at a fun game park place. Here's my pretty momma with Ellie, Olivia, and Manny.

Each of the kids got a game card loaded with tokens, and Manny was QUITE excited about it!

Maeva is always such a big talker. She begged to get on the rides - until you put her on, then of course she freaked out.

Here we are waiting to get balloon animals made. The kids were enamored by this! (Maeva snacking, per usual.)

 She sat there and growled at the lady while she was making it. We're working on our patience. ;)

Here I am with the sweet birthday girl! I absolutely cannot believe she's already 7. She has always been my little buddy and it's so fun to watch her grow! We rode go-karts together and I may or may not have set a bad example by trash talking a 14 year old boy that kept ramming into us. Sorry Rach. :)

And then this happened. Oh my goodness. I have NOT laughed this hard in a long time! They had kiddie go-karts and Manny was tall enough to ride them, so I let him. Not sure what I was thinking as he's never operated anything remotely close to this. He was SO excited and all business. He took right off and ran straight into the wall. Luckily a nice worker hopped on and helped the crazy man behind the wheel, for his own safety as well as everyone else's. :)

Saturday afternoon we went to church, where Miss Priss made her rounds with my dad, Rachael, and mom.
After church, we took the kids home, got a baby-sitter, and all of us adults went out to celebrate my birthday! This was such a FUN treat. I don't know that we have ever really done that with all of us, and it was such a blast.
We went to dinner at a cool local restaurant, then listened to some live music on the square downtown. Very fun!
We headed back home on Sunday, and rounded out the birthday fun by going to the Thunder game on my actual birthday (Monday) with my best friend and her husband. And Patrick surprised me with a ring that has my birthstone in it - wasn't expecting that at all! He did good. :) The game was exciting and the Thunder pulled off a last minute victory, but I think my favorite part was when some random guy made the half-court shot for the half-time contest! It was perfection and was cool to see him make it.

I can't believe I turned 33 years old this year. It just doesn't seem possible, but I guess it's true! I'm so thankful for another year, and such a wonderful time celebrating with those I love! Thanks guys for making it so special!! :) xo


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only person who can't move on until they've blogged the stuff they intended to blog months ago... I'm kind of debating posting my Christmas Card and it's almost FEBRUARY! Better late than never!!

  2. Haha! Glad it's not just me!! :) You totally have to post it...I want to see! It's never too late in my book. ;)


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