January 14, 2014

It's a New Year!

Kind of hard to believe we're (almost a month!) into 2014, huh? We had a great holiday season and I still have unrealistic grand plans to catch up on blogging from before Thanksgiving even. Side note: I wish I had emoticons to use when I'm blogging. I might be an abuser of emoticons in texting. Is it weird that I have a running list of emoticons I'd like to see created? There are some that are just needed. (Fingers crossed, anyone? Or a STOP sign already? Who is coming up with these?? Maybe I should write an open letter to them.)
Like this one? Probably one of my regular go-to's. I imagine it saying, "he-he!" Do you ever wonder if people interpret them the same way you do? I'd never really thought about the fact that they could have multiple meanings.
I've always considered this one as a cheesy grin. But a few friends finally asked me why I was using it when I was because it's supposed to be like a grimmace/gritting teeth...not a cheesy grin. I wasn't so sure they were right but my google search just confirmed it. So now I feel like this:
But will probably continue to use it as a cheesy grin anyway. So if I text with you, please note that was my intention if I ever used the toothy face.

Believe it or not, I had not intentions of this post being primarily about emojis. But I guess that's what happens when you don't know what you're going to write about, but by gosh - you ARE going to write before it gets any further into the year! So I dug deep into my soul to bring you...a blog about my intentions to blog, and my random thoughts on emojis? I give you permission to worry about me. And also click away and never read again. (insert smiley winking emoji here - it'd be perfect, right?!) I'm going to stop now, before I wave my crazy flag any higher. Just wanted to say hi, I miss blogging, and I"ll be back soon. (wash, rinse, repeat)

Happy 2014 friends! :)


  1. That's NOT a cheesy grin!?!?! I use it like that all the time too!!!!

  2. Thanks for the afternoon giggle! #insertbigcheeseygrinhere

  3. you crack me up! seriously, I love it! oh, and I had an idea, how about an emoji holding a white flag? :)

  4. I've said there needs to be fingers crossed too!


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