February 6, 2014

Valentine's Teacher Gift {Free Printable}

I wanted something quick, easy, and inexpensive for Valentine's teacher gifts this year, so of course I turned to Pinterest. I came across this pin and thought the idea was adorable. Every teacher has hand sanitizer sitting out, so why not have a cute bottle? I needed the tag in a different size and shape then the pin I'd found, so decided to design something on my own. If you'd like to make these too, here's what you need:

--Hand Sanitizer (Dollar Tree has some)
--Cardstock or sticker paper to print design (free download below)
--Glue or tape
--Washi tape (optional)

1. Download and print the label by clicking here. I printed mine on matte presentation paper, but you could also print on sticker paper - I just didn't have any on hand, and this worked fine.
2. Cut out labels.
3. Remove sticker from front of the bottle.
4. Place label on the bottle. Mine had some sticky residue left, so I didn't have to use any extra glue since I was going to secure it with washi tape too. If you don't have sticky residue left on your bottle, I would just use some glue or double sided tape to attach the label to the bottle.
5. If you're feeling fancy, finish it off with some washi tape. Mine actually came from the office supply section at Target and they don't call it washi tape - I think paper tape? But same concept. It's in a 4 pack. Target also is carrying washi tape in the scrapbook section now, but I've had this for awhile. You can also find washi tape at Hobby Lobby and Michael's too.

Manny helped me put these together and it was quick and easy, and most importantly - these were cheap and they're DONE. :) Thanks again for the inspiration Simply Sprout!

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