August 17, 2010

Classroom Resources {Part 1}

Sorry I'm so late getting this post up...we've had a busy day. Manny has been kind of sick and just fussy in general, so I haven't had the chance to get on the computer. He is 3 months old!! Since he was sick I didn't get to take his pictures, but hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow and we'll take them then. In the meantime, check out this precious picture I took on Friday!

On to the teaching stuff. Here are a few things that I think might be useful to others.
  • "We have gone to..." signs
To help others be able to easily find where our class was, I displayed this sign outside the door. I designed & laminated them (I got the pictures from the Microsoft Office site and just added text), and put Velcro strips on the back so they could easily be switched out (job for Student of the Week). The main piece says "We have gone to" and the bottom part is interchangeable. I don't have all of these in one document - don't ask me why I did it that way :) - but I don't have time to combine them right now, so it's multiple downloads...sorry! Here they are:
Download Door Signs 1
Download Door Signs 2
Download Door Signs 3
Download Door Signs 4
Download Door Signs 5
Download Door Signs 6
  • ABC's of 2nd Grade Brochure
This original template comes from another teacher, and unfortunately it's been so many years since I downloaded it I have no idea who to give credit to. I changed it up to meet my classroom needs & style. This was a great tool at Parent Orientation as it gave me talking points of things I wanted to cover with parents.  I'm sharing it as a Word document so you can edit it, but you might need to play with the layout & fonts a little unless you have the same fonts that I used on your computer. 
Download ABC's Brochure Inside
Download ABC's Brochure Outside
  • Back to School Scavenger Hunt
This was given to me by my sister Jenny, and I think it's an excellent idea! It's a scavenger hunt for students to complete on Meet the Teacher night. This gives them something to do and also familiarizes them with the room so they feel more comfortable on the first day of school. I'm sharing it as a Word document also so you can change the items to fit your classroom. Again, you might have to adjust the layout/fonts.
Download Back to School Scavenger Hunt

I have a few more things to post, so check back tomorrow or Wednesday - I'll add them as soon as I get the time. Hope you enjoy these items! Let me know if you have any questions. :)


  1. I just had to stop in and say that I cannot believe Manny is already 3 months old! It's just crazy how time flies! He just gets cuter with each picture you take. I think their little personalities begin to show in their pictures as they get a little older. Anyway, he is just precious. As for the classroom etc - you are such a creative person. I admire you with just a little touch of envy :)

    Hope you and Manny have a great day!

  2. Wow! Time flies doesn't it? Manny is sooo adorable.

  3. His picture is so adorable! He is just too cute!

  4. Manny is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing the teacher resources! I love the "We have gone to..." signs!

  5. Landed upon your blog from another and WOW!! Am I glad I did!! I'm a college student going into education and these files you are posting are absolutely wonderful! Such great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing and I can't wait to see more!


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