August 19, 2010

Classroom Resources {Part 2}

Here are a few more items I used in my classroom. I think this post will include everything that people have emailed me about. If I've missed anything, please let me know and I'll get it to you!
  • Homeworkopoly
Homeworkopoly was a favorite with the kiddos. If they brought their homework back every day, on Friday they got to roll and move their piece around the game board. I got this idea from the TeachNet website. You can go here to download the game board and playing cards. I made my own playing pieces and laminated them. Click here to download the playing pieces.
  • Money Song
This is a fun little song that I saw somewhere on the internet, and I just put it on a poster to hang by our math meeting board. It really helped the kids and they loved to sing it!
  • Color Signs
I had folders & baskets that were labeled as follows: Marvelous Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tremendous Thursday, and Fabulous Friday.  When preparing for the week, I put all the necessary lessons and materials for each day in the basket. A little time spent at the end of the week doing this allowed for a much smoother week the following week!  Click here to download the color signs. The color system also assisted in another classroom management piece. I used it to divide the kids into teams, and since my Monday sign was red, Team Red would be my special team that day, get to do everything first, etc. Since Tuesday's sign was orange, Team Orange would be my Tuesday team. Does that make sense? I could always glance a the baskets for the day of the week and whatever color the sign was would quickly remind me what the team color for the day was.
  •  Contraction Surgery
I don't have any files for this, but it's super simple. You just need a glue stick, scissors, band-aids (cut in half), and surgery masks are fun if you can get them! Just ask your local hospital to donate them. So basically you just type up the words you are working on and cut them out. (Example: "do" on one piece, "not" on another piece.) Tell the kids you are going to perform surgery, and to cut out the part we don't need anymore, then stitch the word back up where you took the letters out with a band-aid. They love it! :)

Hope these are useful to some of you! Let me know if I missed anything. :)

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