August 16, 2011

Project 365: Week 32

August 6 - My parents met us in Oklahoma City while we were there for the weekend, and we did some shopping. They rode with us, so I let my dad sit up front and I got in the back with Manny. He kept putting his flip-flop on his head and laughing...he thought it was so funny.
August 7 - Manny LOVES to (pretend) drive cars. He climbed into the driver's seat of my mom's car all by himself and was so pleased.
August 8 - We were checking out of the hotel, and Patrick and I were in the other room getting stuff together. When we walked out to the living room Manny was standing on the luggage cart smiling gleefully. So of course Patrick obliged and (carefully) wheeled the cart downstairs with Manny standing on it. I'm pretty sure Manny thought he was king of the world.
August 9 - We met Sarah and Kristy for a quick lunch at the mall. I always love meeting up with blogging buddies! Manny had so much fun playing with Kristy's sweet girls Keira and Kinley, and we had a great time chatting. Don't you just love the way Kinley is looking at Manny?! Precious!
August 10 - And this would be Mr. Independent. He is officially done with letting us feed him anything...including his morning yogurt. Any tips on how to make this less messy?!
August 11 - A nurse Patrick works with has these miniature donkeys that are so cute. We stopped by their house one afternoon to pick something up, and while we were there they took Manny to check out the animals. He was NOT a fan. :)
August 12 - Remember how I said he likes to try to pick up everything? Yeah, this would be him trying to pick up his ball pit. Silly boy.


  1. Such a sweet collection of photos! LOVE that sock monkey bum.

  2. Cute pictures! You have been faithful with your Project 365! I need some of your discipline :)

    PS - Love the new blog look!

  3. Adorable photos. Manny is soo cute. By the way I love the new blog looks.

  4. No tips on the yogurt.. We struggle with that one as well!!! But at least they're super cute with that all over their face ;)


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