August 15, 2011

Vacay & Manny-Vision!

Well it's official - Patrick and I are on our first trip sans Manny! We made a last minute decision a couple of weeks ago to go on a little vacation before Patrick starts his new job. My awesome sister Rachael volunteered to keep Manny, and the rest is history! We are loving some down time on the beach and just relaxing is SO nice. But I'm not gonna lie - we've been missing Manny like crazy. We have been watching videos of him on my phone and just laughing at what a mess he is. I had planned on sharing these anyway, so here you go - some Manny-vision! :) I won't be posting the rest of the time we're here, but I did finish up a few posts while we were on the plane and scheduled them for later this week, so you'll see a few things from me after all. I know, huge relief, right? Ha! :)

The other day I was drinking a bottle of water, and Manny kept pointing to the lid. So I gave it to him, and he would put it back on the bottle. I was so clue where that came from. I love this video because you can see his little independent side wanting to come out and do it all...he's just not great at expressing that yet. Actually he expresses it quite well, just not in a way I prefer. And don't those chubby little cheeks and hands just make you wanna scream?! :)

This next video is of Manny throwing just a bit of a fit. He has discovered that we keep our lightbulbs under the counter in the laundry room, and for whatever reason he is obsessed with them! So we just keep the door to the laundry room closed so he can't get to them. Occassionally he'll sneak in there when I'm doing laundry and take out of there with a lightbulb, which was the case this particular day. I had just taken a basket of clothes to our room when he rounded the corner holding the lightbulb over his head in victory, grinning from ear to ear. Apparently I had forgotten to close the door behind me, so his first order of business was to get his grimy little paws on a lightbulb. So I took it from him, and the following meltdown ensued. It actually started out a little worse, and after a few minutes was when I decided to video it to send to Patrick. He had yet to see one of these fits firsthand. And for the record, I normally don't sit and laugh at him when he's throwing a fit...I walk away and don't pay attention to it...but I just had to get a little bit of this recorded.  The rolling around makes me laugh! :)

And one more for good measure...a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dancing. :)

Happy Monday friends! :)


  1. So cute & funny!!!

    Have a wonderful vacation!!

  2. Oh how nice.. we recently did the samething and left both of our little ones. We had the best time, enjoy yourselves!

  3. Cute videos!! Have fun on your vacation!

  4. He is too much!! I can't wait to meet him soon. I sure hope you guys are having a blast and I hope you are drinking a margarita for me!!

  5. Hope you enjoy your vacay without the little man! xx

  6. Sarah, you & your husband both look like y'all have been getting in shape. Y'all look great!

  7. So so fun! We had a Cillaless vacay last week too and it was wonderful and relaxing! Ahhhhhhhhh. I missed her to pieces, but I sure enjoyed the down time!


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