December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas for my Husband

So I started to write this post about 2 weeks ago because I had grand plans of being on the ball and doing the 12 Days of Christmas for Patrick. When I saw the idea on Pinterest last year, it was too late to get started on it so I made a mental note that I would start early this year. But of course, that didn't happen. Then a couple of days ago my friend Sarah posted a picture on Instagram of her 12 Days of Christmas gifts ready to go for her husband, and I freaked out. How was it already that time?! So I asked her for help, and lucky for me she kindly obliged! She sent me the list of things she had gotten her husband, as well as the cute rhymes she came up with to go with each gift. I'd seen several list suggestions, but hers combined with the rhymes made me excited and feel like I could actually do it!

I posted a picture of Patrick's 1st gift on Instagram last night, and several people asked for details so I thought I'd go ahead and do a post here (he doesn't read my blog so I'm safe). I should also add he was SO surprised and absolutely loved it. I'm giving him the gifts at night (mostly because I can't get my act together in the morning and also because he leaves at 5 am and I'm usually not awake at that point.)

Anyway, it might be crazy, but I don't think it's too late to do it this year if you'd like. If you start today (the 14th), then it will run through Christmas Day. Since I started the 13th, mine will end Christmas Eve. And actually come to find out, I guess the 12 Days of Christmas historically starts on Christmas Day, so there's another option for some that might want to still try to do this this year.
I found these tags via Pinterest and downloaded them here. I think they are so adorable! I haven't made up all of my daily tags with the rhymes yet because I haven't bought everything, but the ones I plan on doing are listed below. I wish I had a full printable set to share with you but I just didn't plan far enough in advance so will be flying by the seat of my pants - maybe next year. :)

I did put together a Word document with some blank tags so you can fill in whatever you want, or erase the text box and print them blank and hand write them in. You can download it here.

So here's the list of what I plan to do. Some of the things I just used Sarah's list; others I changed to fit Patrick better, or to use things I'd already bought him anyway. (I won't be doing a stocking since I'm doing this.) So far I have like 3 things on it, so I need to get to shopping! Hopefully they'll all work out. As far as the details on some of the gifts, they remain a surprise! And not because I don't want to share, but because I don't know what they will be yet. I also listed the rhyme I'm using that I got from Sarah. Yes, they are cheesy but I had fun customizing some of them for his gifts. And I love them - they make me laugh! :)

Day 1: Sweater    
A partridge in a pear tree? How boring a start! Here's a new sweater. This will keep you warm when we're apart!
Day 2: Pair of Cuff Links 
Two turtle doves are very rare, nowhere could I find these.
A pair of cuff links I got you instead, I know you’ll look debonair when you wear them -
don’t let it go to your head!

Day 3: 3 Ties
I did get French hens, but they took flight! Instead I bought you 3 ties. 
When you wear them you’ll be quite the sight!
Day 4: 4 Pairs of Boxers 
Four calling birds, What's with all these wings? Instead here's four undies to cover your things!
Day 5: 5 Weather Things (gloves, ice scraper, scarf, etc.) 
Five golden rings, that's rather extreme. I love you dearly, but that much money's a dream! How about 5 things for when the weather hits, hopefully the cold won't make you scream!
Day 6: 6 pack beer/cider
Six geese a laying, we're back to those birds! Instead here’s a six pack to calm your nerves!
Day 7: 7 favorite things (candy, cookies, gift card, magazine, etc.)
Seven swans swimming, but the water was so cold, I couldn't catch them, I couldn't grab hold.
I’m not exactly sure what you would do with swans anyway, here are 7 of your favorite things to brighten your day!
Day 8: Movie Money 
Eight maids a milking, silly women - Milk comes from a store.
Use this money to go to a movie. Pick one I’d find a bore!
Day 9:  9 Pictures (will either frame or give magnets)
Nine ladies dancing, but no dancing ladies for you! These cute pictures of the kids & me
will surely make do!
Day 10: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Ten lords leaping, I bet that’s really hard.
Even though it’d be a sight to see, I won’t make you leap for this gift card!
Day 11: 11 items for the gym (dob kit with mini shampoo, body wash, etc., monogram towel, protein shakes and bars, etc.)
Eleven pipers were piping, I’m not sure that gift would do.
How about a stash of things for the gym. I hope they will be useful for you!
Day 12: TBD - possibly a watch
Twelve drummers drumming, they’re hurting my head. 
You need a new one of these; your old one is dead.
The 12 Days of Christmas now come to a close, But my love for you continues to grow!
I hope you have enjoyed these gifts and rhymes and now cheers to a Merry Christmas time!!!

A few other things I came across that you might find helpful: This site offers a free printable download where you can fill in a generic gift card to whatever you want it to be (think date night or coupons for household chores, etc.). They also have a Christmas themed version here.

Here are a few posts I found when I was searching for ideas on this:
via Passionate Homemaking
via The Biker & The Baker
via All our Days
via Power to Change
So there you have it! Here's to hoping I can actually finish this. If you have any ideas, I'd love if you shared them in the comments!


  1. This is really fun!

    We are doing 30 days of 30 right now and 30 is a little bit overwhelming! I adapted it from the 12 days of Christmas which I thought would be a good idea but it includes both of our birthdays and I hate to overshadow those with Christmas. That happens enough on it's we ended up with 30 days! I better start planing 50 days of 50 now! :)

  2. How cute is this!? Such a fun idea. And man, what a sweet wife you are!

  3. I love this! Definitely doing it for my husband next year!

  4. i love that patrick doesn't read your blog. jeffrey doesn't read mine either :)
    except for the occasional scan to see if his name is mentioned - ha!

  5. I love this!! U r tooooo cute!!

  6. You're doing the wrong 12 days

  7. I absolutely love this idea!! I want to do it next year :)
    You need to make a set of the cute printables you used and sell them!

  8. LOVE this idea!! Next year I am going to do this!

  9. My husband does the 12 days of Christmas for me every year. He buys me a simple, yet thoughtful gift each day for the 12 days. I love it!

  10. Our anniversary is January 7th. I am going to begin the 12 days of Christmas Dec 26th. That will take me right up to our anniversary! How fun! Thanks for the ideas!


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