January 22, 2013

A Fun Weekend of Christmas Festivities

I think I'm starting to get inspired to get caught up on blogging a few things. Think being the key word. But I figured since nearly a month has passed since Christmas, now is the time to write about Christmas if I'm going to. We had a great Christmas season this year but man December just FLEW by. 
The first weekend in December we were able to get out and do some fun Christmas related activities. On Friday night, a friend told me about a special event going on downtown on Saturday where there would be reindeer there. Well Manny is obsessed with reindeer, so I knew we needed to go! Patrick had to do a little bit of work Saturday, so we decided we'd go in the afternoon after Manny's nap. When I got Maeva dressed that morning, I put this cute little reindeer outfit on her that I had bought at JcPenney's a few weeks before. Well Manny FREAKED out and wanted a reindeer shirt too. So I decided I'd try to make one during his nap. I already had this applique, plus it was fairly similar to the style of hers - and more importantly, SIMPLE - so I went with it.

It didn't turn out quite as cute as I hoped, but all that matters? He LOVED it. Mission accomplished. We finally got loaded up and made it downtown. Patrick was still at the hospital as things were taking longer than he'd anticipated, but he was going to meet us there. Of course downtown was crowded, so I ended up parking in a parking garage, loading the kids in the double stroller, and pushing that beast up the on-ramp because the elevator wasn't working. It was getting close to closing time but there were still 45 minutes left so I decided to push through, mainly because Manny couldn't stop talking about seeing the reindeer. We finally make it to the building hosting this event, only for a security guard to step in front of my stroller and inform me that they weren't allowing anybody else inside because they needed to close at 5 and there were already too many people inside to be able to accomodate more and close on time. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was *thisclose* to breaking down in tears. It felt like an act of Congress to get there, only to be turned away? Not exactly what I had planned. Plus I was sweating like CRAZY since the random December weather decided to pull out a 70plus degree day, and after my trek through the parking garage my scarf and sweater weren't exactly helping the situation. But back to the security guard. When he told me that, I think I stared at him blankly for about 45 seconds before finally saying, "Seriously?" Luckily my friend Megan walked out right then (they had gotten there before us and made it in before the security guard cracked down) and said we weren't missing much, especially since the reindeer were already long gone. Manny was bummed, but only for a few minutes because he saw Eli and there were other fun things to do.
We decided to go check out the ice skating rink, and the boys were enamored with it. Manny kept begging to go skating - I didn't even know he knew that word?! Patrick eventually made it down to meet us and we just walked around for a bit and enjoyed the awesome weather. There's a cool motion water pool down there that Manny would've stayed at forever if we'd let him.

Maeva was content in her stroller, just riding along and smiling at everyone. People kept stopping to say how sweet she was, and of course I loved it. :)

We took some pictures in the sleigh, where the reindeer once were. But I'm not bitter. We ended the night with dinner at Abuelo's and all and all it was a perfect day. (How can it not be after Abuelo's?)
On Sunday after church, we decided to swing by the Christmas tree farm to let Manny pick out a tree for his room. He had so much fun running around and checking out the trees, and was all about getting right in there, cutting it down, and hauling it off. This was the perfect age to start this tradition with him! I wanted to get a picture of the kids in their adorable matching SheShe Made outfits, but there wasn't really a good spot for it. Manny tried to hold her for a second but they quickly went crashing down, and I decided not to push the matter as poor MB was a little shook up from her tumble into the dirt. :)
Then that night, we went with my parents to a production called Journey to Bethlehem at a nearby church. It was a long night but the kids were great sports and of course Manny loved seeing all the animals!

I really can't believe all this was only like a month ago...seems like forever ago. Time is a weird thing. There's my deep thought for the day. ;)

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  1. It Is Time!!!!!! It is definitely time to get those Maeva Beth eyes in a Baby Eye Contest! My word...they are gorgeous and stunning! And that little smile doesn't hurt either! She is one tough cookie with her big bro!!! They are the cutest little siblings!
    I'll bet your days are full and fun! Probably makes your days teaching 2nd grade look like a breeze! :0)
    You need to do a post on a "Typical Day with Manny and Maeva".


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