January 23, 2013

My Little Lamb

I am a total sucker for jackets with ears on them. So when I saw this little jacket on clearance at Target, I couldn't resist. Manny loves when MB wears it. He always says she's so silly and makes lamb (sheep?) noises at her.
She has started making this face and it totally cracks me up. It's like a total look of shock and horror. But she just does it out of the blue. I haven't found a way to make her do it yet, but when she's sitting there talking and playing, if you give it a couple minutes she usually ends up making it. 
I mean seriously. I could just squeeze her apart. Actually I pretty much do. Luckily she tolerates me.
I like to think of this picture as her presidential portrait. Sitting so straight and tall and looking refined. Her bangs are getting really long and I've started clipping them to the side sometimes with a little bow. And I kind of love it. A lot. :)


  1. She is adorable! I love her new face. Taylor has the same jacket. Hays calls it her cow coat. The ears and bow are too much.

  2. Love her expressions and that jacket is too cute! Wish my little girl had that much hair!

  3. She is just so cute!! That little shocked face, it cracks me up! Even though when I saw it on Instagram I thought for sure it was an I'm gonna be a big sister announcement. :)

  4. Little princess. LOVE the shock and horror face! Definitely a framer:) She looks so sweet in that little jacket!

  5. That face is priceless! She is such a gorgeous girl!

  6. the CUTEST little lamb i ever did see! seriously. SO presh! and her shock and horror face?!?! i.die.

  7. These pictures are so precious!!! Love them so much!

  8. So so cute! That face is HILARIOUS!!!

  9. She is absolutely adorable!!!! Like...just precious!!!!

  10. CUTEST lamb EVER!!!!! She is just stunning!!!! :)

  11. She is just so beautiful! Little girls are so fun to dress!


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