January 3, 2013

Snow Day

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and holiday season. I took a little blog break the last couple of weeks to just enjoy the holidays. I had good intentions of getting the blog completely caught up before the year was over, but then I decided...who cares? And all I mean by that is, I'm pretty sure nobody is sitting on pins and needles waiting for Project 366: Week 49. :) So I decided to just have some down time and I'd finish up when I finish up. Maybe that will be this week, maybe it will be next. As weird as it may sound, I'm still kind of trying to get in my blogging groove. So there's that. We're all sick this week...kind of came out of nowhere and it's just been blah. I'm ready for us to get healthy and back into the routine of things! The crafting bug has also bit me hard and I've done a few projects for the first time in awhile, and had so much fun doing them! Hopefully I'll get around to sharing them soon.
We had a fun surprise last Friday -- we woke up to snow starting to fall! Within a few hours, we'd gotten a few inches and it was so pretty. Manny has been in snow one other time, when he was about MB's age. So this was his first time to experience it where he actually cared. He kept asking to go play in the snow, so we got all bundled up to head outside. I wanted to take Maeva's picture before we went out because she was wearing an adorable outfit my parents got her for Christmas. Of course Manny decided he needed to "join her".
Eventually he got distracted and decided to scale the back of the couch instead, so I did get a picture of just this sweet little girl. Cannot handle her cuteness!!
Manny was blown when we first went outside...he just kept looking up to the sky trying to eat the snowflakes. Then he got mad when he realized his boots were covered in snow, so that took some quick talking to get him distracted. He really didn't want to play outside very long because he said he was too cold. Of course when we came in he begged to go back out, so we went out once again, only to come right back in...so yeah, we were done at that point.
Maeva girl was as content as could be hanging out in the laundry basket in the snow! I didn't keep her out that long because it was just too cold and though she had about 27 layers on, I still don't have a good winter coat for her. Oh and neither of the kids would keep gloves on for longer than 2.5 seconds, so that was fun. 
I have gotten so bad about taking pictures with my actual camera anymore, but I decided this was definitely a time I should put my laziness aside and put the camera to use. I took pictures for maybe 3 minutes tops, but I love the moments I captured in that short time. Manny is turning into such a little boy, and his profile is still the sweetest thing to me. He is so funny and I really need to do a post on some of the things he says and does right now so I won't forget. 
Of course Maeva girl was all smiles for her photo shoot. She really just enjoyed being outside and taking in the newness of her surroundings. Her profile is too much for me to handle too. These kids are something else, that's for sure!


  1. They are so cute! The pictures are beautiful and will be cherished memories when Manny and Maeva are a bit older one day. I love Maeva's little oufit - too cute! I have been having a field day at babyGap lately. They are having some amazing sales, so may want to check it out if either of the kids need anything!

  2. Love it!!! What app do you use for those collages with the border?! :)

  3. The pictures are soooo cute!! I've been sick for 3 weeks. I really hope y'all are feeling better soon because this is awful! Happy New Year my friend!

  4. FUN!!!! Your kids are so precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. I love Maeva's "toofy" little smile! Manny and his curiousities make me smile!

  6. How cute are those ears?! Love her hoodie! :)

  7. They're both at such cute stages :) you got some adorable shots!!!

  8. They could not be any cuter!!! Love these pictures.

  9. the snow is so pretty! I wish we could get snow just for one day and maybe return it up north-haha:) Such precious photos!

  10. What sweet pictures, so glad you all got to enjoy a snow day!


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