January 31, 2013

These two.

As if it's not obvious, my days are full lately. Yes, we have a lot going on, but most importantly I've got two pretty cute kiddos that fill my days. A lot of these are pictures I have marked to use for Project 365, but the jury's still out on how I'm going to do that this year. So today I wanted to go ahead and share some of my favorites of these two little characters. 
Manny is just dying to play with Maeva, or for her to crawl and move around I think. But then again maybe not? She's a lot easier target when she's sitting still. One day I stepped out of his room to take something to Maeva's room. I just so happened to overhear him say, "Let's play Batman Bebe Sawyer." (For those that might not know, he has always called her Bebe Sawyer. My parents have a dog named Sawyer that he loves, and for some reason he thought she should be Bebe Sawyer. Go figure.)
Manny is obsessed with wearing my heels lately, and is frighteningly good at walking in them. I couldn't stop laughing when I walked in the living room from the kitchen the other night to see this. And yes, MB is just chilling. She had a bit of a diaper rash so I thought I'd let her hang out like this for a while. 
He's quite the pro at bossing her around. They both love this toy microphone, and he will sing to her in it, then occasionally she'll be lucky enough to get a turn. But he mostly just shouts "Sing Bebe Sawyer!" the whole time.

Manny loves to crawl around and pretend to be a dog or a moose, sometimes even a bear. But basically he likes to growl or bark. I wanted to take their picture yesterday, and well, you see how that turned out. Maeva is shocked at his craziness too. :)

Actually she's pretty smitten with him, and likewise him with her. It is so cute because he rarely walks by without patting her on the head. He doesn't even stop sometimes (though often he does - he pretty much smothers her). But he will just be playing and will swing by just to rub her head. It's so sweet...in moderation, of course. Not that we know what moderation is around here. 

Manny always has his doctor's bag ready to go and likes to make sure MB is in good health. I have a series of pictures of him giving her a check up that are hilarious. Patrick wants me to frame them for his clinic, so I'm going to try to do something along those lines. Just wish they weren't with my phone! I need to be better at getting my big camera out.

When Manny is present for a diaper change, things go one of two ways. Either they play and smile and giggle, or MB decides she's tired of being smothered and covers her face with her hands. To which Manny starts shouting, "Stoppa pushin' me Beeb Sawyer!! Momma, tell Beeb Sawyer no pushin'!" A glimpse into my future, I suppose. :)

They really do love each other, and I love seeing their relationship develop and grow with each day that passes. Yes, they keep my hands full and sometimes make me think I might go crazy. But seriously. To say I'm blessed is an understatement. 


  1. My older boy was the same with with my baby...he wanted him to crawl/walk so bad, so he could "play with him"...well, once the crawling/walking started it wasn't so fun anymore, becasue baby brother was messing up and taking all of big brothers things! Always an adventure. The older ones just have no idea what they are wishing for when they are wishing for mobility!! Cute pics.

  2. They are just too cute! I love MB's surprised face.

  3. Seems like just yesterday you were praying for one and now you have two sweet babes!! Can't believe how big they are! So precious!

  4. They are adorable together. I love MBs surprised face

  5. cuteness OVERLOAD! They are SO adorable together. love their sweet relationship. btw, i LOVE MB's wordrobe. seriously, I want to wear most of it :)

  6. Sarah! Your kiddos are BEYOND adorable! I am cracking up over that pic of Manny in your heels. Priceless! Hey are so sweet together and I live that he calls her Bebe Sawyer. Preciousness!

  7. This just makes my heart happy...seriously, your babes couldn't be any cuter!!! And for real--Bebe Sawyer? I'm in love.

  8. What a sweet brother and sister relationship they have. It makes having two look like a real joy (:

  9. I can't believe how big your baby girl is! And Manny is just a little stud! My son likes to walk around carrying my purse. Daddy's not thrilled, but we get a good laugh out of it. :)

  10. I love this!!! Such darling pictures, and Manny - what a character! Hysterical that he calls her Bebe Sawyer. Just too funny!

  11. They are seriously SO adorable! And always dressed so cute! I thought of Manny, I was explaining to Morgan about someone else's baby sister and she said "Sawyer?" Haha!


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