July 3, 2013

DIY Party Backdrop Tutorial

As I mentioned in my party post, I did something a little different for the table backdrop this year. I like to have a fun backdrop for the "focal" table if it works with the space, but only if it's possible to do it fairly cheap. I'../../2011/05/mannys-1st-birthday-party-part-1.html" target="_blank">curtains, I'../../2011/03/pretty-in-pink-baby-shower.html" target="_blank">pieces of scrapbook paper, and I'../../2012/01/gabis-sweet-16-party.html" target="_blank">rolls of streamers. None of these ideas cost more than $15, and they make such a fun visual impact for the party. This year I wanted to do something a little different, and after a few 2 am brainstorming sessions with Candice (blame it on nursing babies for us both), we came up with a new concept.

I bought a large white laminate sheet from Lowe's for around $11. I think it measured about 4'x8', and is meant to be used as a countertop piece. This wasn't what I had in mind when I went into Lowe's, but after a series of discussions with Patrick, we stumbled upon this and decided it was perfect. Only issue was it was a tad too big to fit in the back of our car. "No problem," I say, "we'll just go back in and have the worker cut it down." Well turns out they won't cut this particular material. Patrick says that's fine because he can cut this himself at home - we'll just have to wait until he can come back with a friend that has a truck to get it. I, however, want to take this home today so I turn to Patrick and say, "Why don't we just buy a handsaw and you can cut it in the parking lot?" The way he looked at me after I said that...you would've thought I just suggested he saw off his arm. And possibly eat it too. In hindsight, I can recognize maybe my suggestion was a bit much. I blame it on the party planning crazed adrenaline rush - let's-check-things-off-the-list NOW emotions I was experiencing.  So I agreed to patiently wait until he could come back and get it. And I survived the wait after all. :)

Once I finally had the board home :), I used a dry erase marker to draw the word HOORAY on it. I don't exactly make the best bubble letters, so the dry erase marker was nice to be able to write the letters without worrying about messing it up. (Remember, the board is laminate - so I just just draw and erase as needed.) I obsessed minimally about the shape of the letters before finally deciding to just move forward with it.
Then I poured some Mod Podge on a plate, and used a foam brush to spread the Mod Podge inside the letter. I covered about half a letter at a time, then sprinkled the confetti on the board.
This is the confetti I used for the letters. Candice actually found it for me (shocker - not kidding, she helped SO much!) at Party Galaxy. This bag was about $3, and I used it to cover these letters, as well as to make some of the laminated banner pieces I mentioned in the other party post, and I still had some left in this bag! It's tissue paper and there is a ton in there. It was perfect to use for this!

Once I finished all of the letters, I let the confetti dry well, about an hour. Then I used a paper towel to wipe off the dry erase letter outline. It was SO easy and I'm just in love with this concept as you could do so much with it. As you can see, I didn't take the time to make sure it was exactly evenly distributed everywhere. But I think it worked fine because the letters were so big. I think that covers everything! I'm sure this isn't the last time you'll see me using this idea....much to Patrick's dismay. ;)


  1. I love the way you tell stories, you're hilarious!! I love that you asked him to buy a saw and cut it in the parking lot!! That makes me feel much better about the things I ask my husband to do, which are very similar :) The kiddos party was absolutely amazing!!

  2. This is such an awesome idea and I think it looks great! I find it hilarious about the saw in the parking lot! Such an adorable party.

  3. Love it!! Turned out really festive and fun!!

  4. Thanks so much! And glad I'm not the only one. ;)

  5. I love this! I'll definitely be making this for my daughter's first birthday coming up!! What did you use to hang it up?

  6. Thanks so much Maegon! We propped it against the wall, and it just so happened to fit exactly in the frame of a window there, though I didn't plan it that way. I had planned to just prop it up against the wall but it was a bit windy, so luckily that worked out. Sorry I'm not more help, and good luck! Would love to see pictures of yours! :)

  7. You're welcome! I'll definitely take a picture and share it!

  8. So I can't find tissue paper confetti anywhere but I am determined to make this so I'm going to use a circle punch to cut a ton of circles out of tissue paper...I might be completely insane after doing it haha but about what size circle punch would you say I should use?

  9. Haha!! Sounds like something I'd do too. :) So sorry you can't find any! Have you searched online yet? I would guess the circle size to be about 1/2" maybe? Good luck! :)

  10. Such an awesome idea and we love the bright colours!


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